Sniper Rust VR

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Game Brief

Sniper Rust VR is an 18 level, globe-trotting adventure set against an armed militia uprising across international borders. Embark on an immersive, first-person sniping mission against a global insurgency in Virtual Reality.

As the Agency’s most-skilled marksman, players are called to put their sniping skills to the test in a first-person, single player campaign that features:

• An Immersive Virtual Reality Experience. Up to four uniquely designed, photorealistic environments to explore.
• Realistic Weaponry. Begin each mission with one of four real world guns, locked and loaded with special features.
• Adaptive Enemy AI. Diverse enemy classes make every level a challenge; be wary of well-concealed snipers, air/group assaults and traps behind enemy lines.
• An Easy Learning Curve. A Sniper Training Area keeps Sniper Rust VR fun to play, minus the nausea and dizziness associated with VR games.
• An Action-packed Soundtrack. Intense orchestral sounds for thrilling, edge-of-your-seat action sequences.

Game Screenshots

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