3D Character Models

3D Character Models

The strength of any game is it’s gameplay and 3D character models they have in the game. The 3D characters define the game and then become a cult in themselves. A lot of gamers can easily identify which characters belong to which game.

For all successful games developed by mobile game developers, big game developers, publishers or indie game developers, all those games that have connected with the audiences have a common thread. These games had great video game 3d characters with out of the box high quality 3D character modeling.

Zatun is one of the few 3d companies which offer the full spectrum of 3d Modeling and can create 3d character models for 3D Max models, Unity 3D models, low poly 3d models, 3D Maya models and high resolution Zbrush models.

Creating 3D Characters

If you are developing a 3D game, you would want to give an excellent 3D user experience to your players. For that, you need to have 3D characters and 3d character models that stand apart from the crowd and a team with really good 3D Modelling skills and 3D Character Modeling skills.

Zatun has a talented and skilled team of 3D Artists and 3D Modelers who create mesmerizing 3D characters and 3d game models. The team is proficient in Maya Modeling, Maya 3D Models, 3d Models for games, 3d game assets, Max Modeling and Unity 3d assets.

3D Character Modeling for Games

Zatun 3D company offers a dedicated team related to 3D modeling for games. We provide the latest in terms of technology as well as creativity. We not only design top notch 3d characters, they are created within the polycount/triangle limit and all technical specs for the respective platform are followed by our team.

You can design the game experience, brief  or references of the characters and their characteristics and leave the rest to the experts providing 3D modeling services.


We Follow Best Practices For Outsourcing 3D Character Models

We follow the best practices for outsourcing 3D modeling projects.

  • We get a clear brief on the project, deadline and the 3d character models that need to be modeled.
  • We make sure we have the references and concepts required for the 3d character modeling.
  • Provide 3d character models samples to make sure we can deliver on the quality.
  • We use the latest technology and tools out there to create 3d characters be it hyper realistic or cartoony.
  • We work independent yet give you complete control.
  • Clear contract terms with rates and payment terms.
  • Almost daily updates of artwork.
  • You can hire 3d Modeler/hire 3D Artist on a contract basis.

Zatun is among the top 3d companies that fulfills all the criteria given above in the best possible manner, and it has wonderful customer success stories too. A partner like Zatun will make your 3D Character Models project a breeze.

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