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Hidden Object Games Online – A Fantastic Guide to Developers

Hidden object games online are simple flash games online which require a gamer to find a hidden trigger. All one has to do is to look around for a hidden stone, ring, or even a key which serves as a tool to get to the next level. The best part of the hidden objects games online is that, one need not be an avid gamer. A normal person who knows how to handle a mouse and a keyboard can take to hidden object games. The fact that the games are played online, the user need not have storage concerns for his PC or his smart phone.

Since the prerequisites are very low, there is a very large base of people to attract for a Game developer. It is all very easy to be carried away and develop simple games. However, one has to understand that if a job is simpler, the competition will be higher. One search of play hidden object games online on Google yields about 176,000,000 results. Hence, a developer has to be competitive and must look into the following things.

Size of the file:

In a country like India where broadband penetration is still low and the download speeds barely reach 256 kbps (kilobits per sec); the size of an online game is important. Larger size means more time to load, a gamer might are carried away and switch to other games, because there are many options. If the game file size is low, the graphics and the details take a hit but no one looks for details in a flash game. The mantra here is to go for a simple, creative and addictive game.

No or less Ads:

In-game advertisements are a big turn-off for any online games. So there must be absolutely no ads or at the maximum very few Ads for the hidden objects game online which may be necessary for financial reasons.


1.    Since all hidden objects games online involve finding hidden objects sometimes there are many similar games made. This is where a developer’s creativity scores. He must run his thoughts wild and come up with something out of the box. A developer must confuse the gamer with colours and distractions like a bird flying across etc. For example, instead of a plain background, he may throw in a theme like a building or a forest background. This makes unravelling hidden objects very difficult.

2.    The name-hidden objects may be misleading. An object need not be wrapped by something all the time. For example, a coffee mug may get lost in an unorganized house. It may be sitting on top of a washing machine with clothes and hence difficult to find. A game may be designed to simulate these kinds of environment.


It is dumb to develop a very simple and easy game with large number of stages. Hence, a developer must cut short the number of stages and go in for a crisp, difficult game, which is mentally draining for a gamer. The more difficult the game is, the more number of users.

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