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Develop Games for Android

Android games run on Android OS. Android is an open-source OS from Google and is giving a stiff competition to Apple iOS. It would not be surprising to see if within the next 1 year Android mobile games outcome Apple games. These games apps have caught the fancy of the users because of the fun game-play, high Graphics and the multitasking ability of the Android.

Android OS Platform

Basically an operating system for the mobile, this platform was developed by Android Inc., justifying its name. However, with the gradual passage of time; the company was taken over by Google. This is the reason why a lot of developers, develop games for Android are still called Google play store games and Google android games apps. Recently, however, many members of the mobile industry have joined the group to be working on and developing the android projects.

Develop Android Games

The standards of the Google games of Android have been touching new highs. Many game developers develop android games, from various parts of the world, have understood the technology and the requirement of the platform and have developed games accordingly. The reason for the success of Android OS platform is not hard to see. It is open source and many mobile devices like LG, Motorola, Samsung and HTC support it.

These new standards mean that there is a very slight difference between the develop Android games experience and the experience that one gets while one is playing on more professional gaming platforms, including GAME PCs and consoles. The graphics of the game, the game play as also the excitement that these games manage to create are on the same plinth as many of the other games being played on GAME PCs and consoles.

Since Android is an upcoming platform, the competition is not as stiff as Apple App store. The Google games if well made still have a very good chance of making it to the top of the Android Marketplace.

Android Game Developers

While these Android Google games are highly enriching, the work of the Android game developers for these androids is not as simple. It requires undeterred passion and expertise to make a game which could be competitive with the standards which are available in the market today. These games, along with the Android Google games apps, require the Android game developers to have a team which is dedicated towards the development of highly quality games and applications for these androids.

Also, the competition develop games for Android which is brewing in the market recently calls for a more professional set of games. This is because the user today is flushed with options and all new options, which enter the market, have to be highly useful and graphically rich to be able to compete on the platform.

Android Mobile Games

While some of the Top Android Mobile games are those which got ported to Android from Apple iOS, there are quite a few original titles which have made it to the top.

Top Android Mobile Games are:

  1. ToonWarz
  2. SpeedForge
  3. Robo Defense
  4. Bonsai Blast
  5. Buka
  6. Abduction
  7. Angry Birds
  8. Kumpa
  9. Armored Strike
  10. Cestos
  11. UniWar
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