Vector Art 3D

Vector Art 3D

What is Vector 3D Art? You have heard of 3D art and vector art. But what exactly is Vector 3D art? Vector art is basically art that will not get pixelated (like raster artwork from Photoshop) and can be sized without any blurring. It is created in Softwares like Illustrator.

Vector 3D art is art made to look like 3d but is vector based. It is used in a lot of 2D games and is created vector art based software but in a 3D shape e.g. for isometric games, tower defence games, etc.

The best part is that art once created can be used across platforms and the vector art or hidden 3d art gives the art a very stylized look. Vector art is used in a lot of iOS and Android games and it’s used to create the Game UI design, character design, characters, in-game assets, items, etc.

Vector Art 3D Art Outsourcing: Why Video Game Designers Love It

Today, many gaming and multimedia companies prefer the option of outsourcing their vector art 3D needs. This approach offers several significant benefits. One of these is that it gives you access to a wider pool of skilled professionals. Instead of limiting your options to the local talents in your city, you can approach some of the top design firms located beyond your country’s borders. Asian countries like Japan, China, and India are a popular draw with animation and game studios because of the amazing wealth of talent on offer.

Vector art 3D outsourcing also gives companies an effective way of managing their projects. For instance, a game company can assign the task of developing vector designs for the product’s marketing to a third party company. This gives them more time to focus on core development activities linked to actual gameplay. And in situations where a particular task needs to be done by a skilled professional who is unavailable, outsourcing offers a useful compromise. Case in point, instead of hiring a full-time 3D vector artist to manage a small project that would take 20 hours, managers can simply outsource the task to a freelance professional, reducing the financial burden.

The upside to outsourcing is that it increases the in-house efficiency of companies, particularly those within the digital field. By splitting a project into different tasks, game designers are able to allocate the bulk of their resources into more efficient results. And since countries like India and China are in a different time zone, companies get the unique opportunity of having their work literally done for them while they are asleep. For instance, you can assign a 3D artist to work on a vector line art at night, and wake up in the morning to find it already ready. It is an ingenious and effective way of making the most of your 24-hour day.

Game Art Outsourcing Advantages

But undoubtedly the biggest advantage of outsourcing is that it offers a significant way of trimming your operational cost. With outsourcing, companies and businesses are able to enjoy a lot more financial flexibility. They can choose who they wish to work with and scale their needs accordingly. The reduced overheads also mean that companies can afford to hire skilled professionals as part of their in-house team. Instead of spending money on inexperienced employees, who would take months to coach, you can invest your saved cash on an experienced programmer who can hit the ground running.

To conclude, there are various benefits that game designers can avail from outsourcing their game art and vector 3D art to an established and experienced game design studio offshore. Some of these benefits include:

a) Increasing in-house efficiency
b) Maximizing productivity during the day
c) Scaling the budget to meet requirements
d) Getting access to the best talent on the planet
e) Trimming the cost considerably
f)  Organizing the workflow

Outsourcing is also a good way of optimizing your human resources. But beyond that, it is a simply good business.

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