Unity 3D Games

Unity 3D Games

Unity is a cross platform game engine to build games in languages like C#, Java and Boo (a language like python). Although there are both free and paid versions of Unity available in the market however free version is good enough to build a simple Unity 3d games. You can download it free from Unity technologies website. The best part of Unity is that even you don’t have much experience in coding you can still build the game with a little knowledge in it.

There is various game tutorials available on Unity website however below is a more instruction based step by step process how you can use Unity to build the 3d games.

Create your Project

First create a folder to save your Unity projects. To create a new project, click on file tab and select new project. Then select the location as your Unity project folder and type in the name of your project. It is recommended that we should always have a dedicated folder for our Unity projects. Now once you have typed in the name of your project click on create and your new project is all ready to get started. You can develop both Unity 3d games and Unity 2d games with this platform.

Creating The Layout

To start building your game you need to select the layout. You can select the default layouts from the Unity software and customize it as per your requirements. There are also certain built in layouts available in the Unity software which is available on top left of the screen. While working with layouts you will be dealing with five windows namely scene, game, and hierarchy, project and inspector windows. This comes very handy while Unity 2d game development.

Build and Player Settings

Inside your projects folder you will have a preconfigured folder called assets. Inside this folder, you would like to save all your scenes and scripts. First save the scene and then click on file and select build settings and add the current scene to your build. You can now select the platform for which you are building your game like website or smart phones or computers. Now select the player’s settings. This can be done via player setting button which lies below build button. This will open the player settings in inspector window and you can configure things like company name and product name etc.

Creating the Game Stage

Now you are ready to create the stage by adding game objects and transform them with use of inspector panel. Then you must also select the cue’s hierarchy and direction.

Create a Player and Moving it.

Unity gives you option to download from various available options online or create and configure your own player. Now you must select the game object and create a sphere and rename this as player under hierarchy window. Once done reset its transform. Now add the physics from same hierarchy window to your player object. Once player is created, you would like to move him around. This can be done through inspector window and adding scripts for player movement.

This way you can setup your basic game and its movements. There is a lot more you can do with Unity to customize the game and its view. You can always customize the default settings to create your own game settings which will come with experience.

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