Why Make Games

Why Do We Need To Make Games?

On-line games, mobile games, games for tablets, cross-platform games – they all make money. Lots of money.

Digital gaming is a multi-million dollar business employed by game publishers, large corporations, small retailers and entrepreneurs with a good idea.

Gaming is fun, and every day, millions of prospects relax by playing games, making it the ideal resource for marketers, game developers, companies and entrepreneurs to get their messages in front of relaxed customers in the mood for fun.

  • On-line and mobile gamers are computer savvy. Buying on-line is second nature to this desirable target audience.
  • Gamers are intelligent, curious and adventurous, eager for “something new” to engage them. These leads are in the mood to explore products or services. And buy.
  • Games create site stickiness, drawing repeat visitors every day, and these visitors may not click-through the first time they play, but they will on the sixth time they see your company’s on-line incentive.
  • Gamers stay on site longer – a key marketing demographic that advertisers look at carefully when rationing their marketing budgets.
  • Quality games create positive word of mouth.
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