Hidden Objects Games

Hidden Objects Games For Android

We all have played hidden object games offline, haven’t we?

Imagine any of your childhood magazines. They all had a large picture where you had to find 5 fruits or 8 animals or 4 stars. Then we had “Where are Waldo” games where we had to find this famous character in a large picture depicting a crowded area. Even small children used to have books where a cute puppy was to be found on every page.

Online Hidden Object Games For Hours Of Entertainment

When we grew up from that stage, we started reading “Whodunnit” books. They all had some crime with some hidden clues, but it looked like everyone might have committed that crime; we had to guess the culprit before the author reveals it. They were super fun!

What about the “Treasure Hunt” events? We find an easy clue that leads to a difficult clue and so on until we find the treasure mysteries or puzzles many miles away from our home or school. They were entertaining and enjoyable too.

Playing Hidden Object Games Anytime Anywhere

So, everyone enjoyed some hidden objects games for Android or other during their childhood and teenage. What if we could play them now, in the comfort of our living room or some place where you are waiting for billing or for a flight to take off? Won’t it be cool?

But, they are childish games. Will I enjoy them now?

Don’t worry about that. Millions of people around the world are enjoying these hidden object games online in the variety of websites as we speak. They are not small kids, at least not biologically; but they get that childhood thrill back by playing these games online on their computer, or on their mobile devices.

Types of Hidden Object Games

There are three types of hidden object games which are popular in the gamers’ community. They are:

• Hidden image games
• Hidden clue games
• Treasure Hunt games

Online Hidden Object Games

You can play hidden objects games in a variety of websites. Some of the popular websites are Sandlot Games, Big Fish Games, Awem Studio, Codeminion etc.

Most of the hidden objects games websites allow you to play online. Some of them have an option to download the game to your computer; you can even download a mobile application and play it wherever you are.

Offline Hidden Object Games

Playing a hidden object game offline has its own advantages. For example, you don’t need internet connectivity for playing games; you can send the game to anyone.

However, there are some disadvantages too; offline hidden object games are frozen in one version; compared to those, online hidden object games are continuously updated with new images, new levels, better clues etc.; this gives a unique playing experience every time, making sure you will never feel dull again.

Another disadvantage, you are all alone when playing offline hidden objects games for Android. You can’t invite others to play with you; if you had a great game, you can’t even share that happiness with others by getting to the top of the table.

That’s why the world is moving towards online hidden object games; you get a new experience every time you play them; you can form virtual teams and have fun; you can relive those young days with these addictive games.

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