Artwork Studio

Artwork Studio

Zatun artwork studio is a studio where creativity meets design meets engineering. Equipped with the latest technology both in terms of software’s and hardware and latest skills, Zatun artwork studio is where your games come to life.

Using the latest engines like Unity 3d game engine, Unreal engine and latest art and graphic tools, they have been breaking the barriers in video game development and quality.

Artwork Studio Redefine 3D Games With Their Highly Innovative Technologies

Zatun 3d modeling services include 3d characters, 3d character modeling, 3d game models, unity 3d models, 3d game assets, low poly art and game ready 3d models. Zatun is one of the few 3d companies and 3d studios offering an option to hire a 3d artist or hire 3d modeler on a daily/hourly or monthly basis.

With 3d building models and 3d character models for next-gen video game platforms a top priority, Zatun artwork studio has taken steps to make sure its Zbrush models and 3d Maya models and 3d max models meet the next-gen demand.

If you wish to know what software’s and tools any top artworks studio uses anywhere in the world, they are listed below. There are tons of other software’s which a lot of artwork studios use but it would depend on the platform, the project or the game they are working on.

Top 5 Video Game Art Design Software That Every Artworks studio Should Have

A video game is as good as the artwork that represents it. If you want your video game to sell really well, there are no buts about it. You will have to create some astounding 2D and 3D artwork for it. With this in mind, it is important that you invest in the artwork software that will give you a competitive art studio company edge in the market.

1.    Photoshop CS 6
Photoshop CS 6, and not Photoshop Creative Cloud, is one of the indispensable software that every game developer should have. If you do not have it in your software suite, you are not serious about your video game art. Photoshop has been there since the early 80’ and has spent the best quarter of a century evolving into the most robust graphic design software. With CS 6, you can start creating some really creative 2D video game art like low poly art for your games.

The problem with Photoshop Creative Cloud is that Adobe wants you to spend a monthly fee on the program while you could just buy CS 6 once and forget about any other additional costs.

2.    3Ds Max 2014
3D’s Max 2014 is the genius creation of Autodesk. This robust graphic design software can do almost anything that you will need to be done to bring your 3D game characters to life. 3Ds Max has been in existence for almost 20 years. It is simply the most awesome game development software out there.

3.    Mari
This premium 3D texture software has been used in numerous high-ranking animation films including Avatar and many other movies. Used as an artwork design program in your artworks studio and game development studio, Mari will allow you to spend more time painting your characters to perfection. The software lets you apply hue and texture that are pixel perfect to your 3D game characters.

4.    Unity Pro 4
If you really want to create interactive 2D and 3D characters for your games, you will need a rendering environment that shows your characters exactly like they will be in the game. The program is loaded with a complete set of instinctive tools and hundreds of assets. It allows you to test all your games and includes analytic to show you what your audience love most about your game. The uniqueness of Unity makes it an indispensable for many games design studios and art studio company.

5.    Adobe Illustrator
Vector graphics are a part and parcel of any game development process, and Adobe Illustrator is king when it comes to creating vector graphics. There is no other program that does what Adobe Illustrator does. A lot of artwork studio game designs rely on it to develop their vector graphics to showcase to clients what the final output of their games will look like.

While there are many game design art studio company programs that you can invest in, individual creativity takes centre stage. If you are lacking in creative skills, consider registering for graphic design lessons or outsource the creation of your artwork to a well-established artwork studio.

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