Animation Design

Animation Design To Stun Audience

There are very few among us who are unfamiliar with The Lion King, Ice Age, Beowulf, or Who Framed Roger Rabbit. All these are masterpieces on celluloid based on animation. Technology and artistry have never come closer enough to create such visual treats for your eyes be it in the boardroom or the multiplex. Animation design is now an oft-repeated term in our regular lives. Be it an official presentation or a computer game, the involvement of animation is undeniable. This art of graphic animation is highly specialised and has helped in the development of 3D modelling and animation professionals. Zatun is one such organization that makes use of the best human and technological resources to create marvels in animations designs.

Looking Back At Animation Design

The history of animation could be traced back to ancient civilizations such as in Egypt. Depictions of wrestling movements in close sequence have been found inscribed on pyramid walls. There never was any gadget to depict humans or creatures in motion. This unending quest for innovation resulted in the creation of animated pictures. Artists stared drawing animals or humans in different phases of motion which when viewed in rapid succession lent an illusion of motion. Beginning from here animation design today is in an advanced stage where professionals are continuously involved in creating new.

Computer technology with both its software and hardware features have aided the growth of animation and modelling industries. The importance of graphic animation could be well ascertained in the rise of professionals in this trade and the extensive application it has. Animation design now includes 3D animation cartoon creation, 3D animation design, 3D modelling, and video games animation.

Animation Design For Your Office

3D design animation is widely used in creating video clips for corporate presentation and websites. As 3D visuals are visually more attractive and have greater impact on human brain as compared to 2D representations, they are prevalently used in business discourses and corporate websites. Even the SOHO (small office hone office) segment has been greatly benefitted by these creations. It is always fun to watch a 3D animated character virtually giving a discourse rather than a static cursor moving down or up a page.

Animation Design Glorified

Animation design has made outstanding inroads in the entertainment and media sectors. Innovative 3D modelling and animation has given us engrossing games for players of all ages. It is not uncommon to see young and old alike glued to computer screens and with a games console in hand spend hours playing games. Games enriched by 3D animation cartoons, and 3D animated characters have given a more lifelike appearance to these computer games. Companies have come up that specialise only making 3D animation games.

3D design animation helps in creating unusual backgrounds for even feature films. Many of the edge-of-seat sequences are created with the help of 3D graphics animation and 3D animation art. Featuring 3D animated characters is now a regular characteristic among film makers. Imagination comes to its lively best in such creations. In Zatun we relish creating such characters that not only is a testimony to our innovative spirit but also an opportunity to bring in joy to millions of souls all across the globe.

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