3D Modeling and Animation

3D Modeling and Animation Services By Experts

The World is crazy about 3D games. The experience these games give when compared to the traditional 2d games is really rich. They give a feel as if you are really within the game boundaries and enjoying the game for real, not really moving a mouse or a mobile phone or a gaming console.

Hence, game developers have started keeping 3D characters, 3d character models for their games. 3D modeling & animation are absolutely required for a game to be competitive in this competitive digital world where a poor game can be rejected by a simple click.

3D Modeling and Animation for 3D Game Models

Thankfully, developers need not think about investing time and energy learning this art which may be foreign to them. There are expert companies and individual freelancers who provide top quality 3D modeling and animation for games. This provides a variety of options, at the right price.

This has made a great shift in the gaming industry. Companies have started to outsource 3D modeling tasks to third parties while retaining creative rights and IP. This helps them focus on the game development. 3D modeling for games and 3D rigging are some of the top outsourced activities today.

Traditionally, 3D modeling experts take the brief you provide along with your game’s character design, game concepts and create detailed high polygon ZBrush models or low poly 3D models for Unity 3D assets.

3D Rigging for 3D Max Models

After 3D Modeling and Animation, to animate these models, it is required that joints and control handles are added. After that game developer or movie animators can use these joints, controls to pose the model in the way they prefer. This process is called 3D rigging.

For example, if a character’s left hand has to bend to pick something while the right hand is in his hips, and a leg should move backward when he is standing against a wall, it is as simple as defining the required effects on the right joints. 3D rigging makes these joints and controls to ease development.

Outsource 3D Modeling for Maya Models

3D modeling and animation services can be outsourced to respective experts in the field. However, as a game developer and creator of this unique world, you need to provide the first cut information about your characters and their types of behavior. This is especially critical if you are using Maya Modeling techniques or Maya models.

While you outsource 3D modeling tasks for e.g. Unity 3D models, make sure you do a good research about the company to which you are handing over this major responsibility. Give proper inputs, any special instructions that need to be taken care, and make sure the deliverable are understood clearly. In terms of rights to the created output, they should be fully owned by you so that no legal complications occur at a later point.

Zatun has specifically options to hire 3D modeler and for 3D character modeling, 3D characters, 3D modeling and animation using real-time rendering that is a lot faster than what other 3D companies are offering. Zatun also offers 3d game models for Zbrush 3d printing which has opened up a world of opportunities. With our custom 3d modeling and animation services, the 3d models for games and 3d game assets for games will be much more realistic.

During the process of 3D modeling for games and 3D rigging, make sure there are enough reviews in between where you can see the 3D modeling and animation live. This ensures corrections (if any) can be made early when they are least expensive.

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