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It is based on an Indian legend and is the first arcade game based on Indian Miniature painting style and is playable by all age groups. In this story-based adventure game, the prince and the princess meet, fall in love and the Prince braves the world of exotica to win the love for Princess. This Indian game explores the realms of a culture which is hardly touched by usual video games and has won the Best PC game Award at FICCI BAF Awards 2010 in Mumbai.

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Coming from a country not known for its videogames, The Legend of Vraz looks to lead an era of Indian gaming…

The Legend of Vraz Ratings

  •–Score 5
  •–Overall Score: One thumb up; 90/100; A-; **** out of five.

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Game Features

  • Hours and hours of fun-fulfilled exciting game play for the entire family.
  • 15 complete levels divided in 4 unique exotic stages
  • 14 appealing and unique enemies
  • Exquisite hand painted 2D Art in Indian Miniature Painting style.
  • 5 different upgradable arrows.
  • An incredible soundtrack immersing the player in the game.
  • Suitable for all ages. No blood, violence or obscene language.
  • Play both with mouse and keyboard or mouse only or keyboard only.

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The legend of Vraz has many firsts

  • The first 2D arcade game in India created with Microsoft XNA Game studio.
  • One of the earliest Microsoft XNA games developed in India.
  • One of the first games in India from an Independent developer.
  • The first game ever made on Indian Miniature painting style.

What Our Customers say for “The Legend Of Vraz”

  • This game looks like a great mixture of braid and timeJean Michel
  • Wow this is a cutest game ever!– Rick Stockhard
  • I love playing this gameBill Hawkins
  • If you are planning to buy games online, this is the one to go forMark Stevenson


Game Information

The highlight of the game is its exquisite hand painted 2D graphics in traditional Indian miniature painting style and a mesmerizing game play that give game enthusiasts an outstanding adventure experience. The stunning visuals combined with an incredible soundtrack and an enchanting game play captivate the player and make the player wander in a magnificent dreamland from where they would hate to come back. The Legend of Vraz is an epic love story where Prince Vraz is in love with Princess Avi and in order to marry her has to successfully perform five tasks set by the Princess Avi’s father.

Seems Simple? It sounds simple, but this Indian game is loaded with challenges at every level thanks to Vizier of Kund who plans marry the Princess and take control of the Kingdom. This game will propel the players to utilize their reflexes and mind in the best possible manner and is a respite from the violence usually seen in other games. The five tasks of the game include winning 100,000 coins or gold of equivalent value, finding the brightest red rose, the diamond studded heart, a traditional sword and a traditional horse.

“The Legend of Vraz” is an elegantly simple game which is easy to learn but difficult to master! Any enthusiast who plays it will enjoy it and would want to play again and again to master it and it has already won thousands of fans worldwide with its classic mix of Prince of Persia and Mario meets India theme.

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