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“Zatun, Where Fun Gets Down To Business.”


Zatun is a bleeding edge, innovative, engaging, smart phone and cross-platform video game developer  and game art studio sharing the digital hot spot with you at a time when on-line and mobile gaming is exploding.

 Zatun is also totally plugged into the full range of gamer demographics. We know digital games, game development and we know this “come-back-for-more” content is a potent, powerful revenue-generating tool.

At Zatun, we live and breathe gaming. We understand game development and video game art, from hard-core shooters to addictive word games to mesmerizing hidden object puzzles that dazzle the eye and tickle the brain. Zatun creates game art and develops game titles that deliver – deliver eyeballs, click-through and the marketing results you pay for.

Look around at games and projects of Zatun enjoyed by millions of players daily. We’ll set up a conference call, listen to your objectives and consult with you to develop your game your way. Our collaboration throughout your project’s design and development delivers the results you expect – at a cost that’ll amaze you.


Benefits, Benefits and more Benefits

Zatun offers game development for iOS/Android platforms and external art production (game art outsourcing) on all platforms including smart phones, tablets, handhelds and consoles.


Zatun is in the business of on-line and mobile gaming, from PCs to iPads to iPhones and Androids. We take your game concept and turn it in to realty – a lead-generating, cash-making game platform that represents your company, whether you’re a game developer or a global enterprise looking to “go viral.”


At Zatun, our team adapts to your game development needs, not the other way around. We work the way you work, delivering only those elements you require. From a single piece of art to a complete, cross-platform game, Zatun is your partner in game design, development and deployment. One stop and your game development needs are met.

We deliver benefits – the kind of benefits that companies and game developers want in a partner.

10 Reasons to Choose Zatun!


  1. Proven, long-term game industry experience
  2. A complete guarantee of satisfaction
  3. Privacy and a respect for intellectual property
  4. Low development costs
  5. Central Collaboration
  6. Superior Project Management
  7. Project  and Data Security
  8. Online Storage
  9. On-Time Delivery on Deadlines
  10. Variety

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Our 3D Game Studio offers the below 3D Art Outsourcing services:

  • 3D Modeling Services (High Poly 3D Modeling, Low Poly 3D Modeling )
  • Zbrush Sculpting and 3D Printing
  • 3D Game Characters
  • 3D Character Modeling
  • 3D Object Modeling
  • 3D Environment Modeling
  • 3D Vehicle Modeling, 3D Weapon Modeling
  • High Resolution Texturing
  • 3D Game Backgrounds
  • UV mapping, Texturing
  • Normal Mapping, Texture Baking
  • 3D Max Models, Unity 3D Models, 3D Game Models
  • 3Ds Modeling
  • 3D Avatars, 3D Characters
  • 3D Rigging, 3D Animation, 3D Character Animation

Our Game Art Studio offers the below 2D Art Outsourcing services:

  • Concept Art (sketches, line art, color)
  • Character Design (sketches, line art, color)
  • Concept Design
  • Character Concept Art, Video Game Concept Art
  • 2D Illustrations
  • Vector Art
  • 2D Game Graphics
  • 2D Game Assets
  • 2D Game Backgrounds
  • 2D Game Environments
  • 2D Animation Sprites
  • Game UI/UX Design and Interaction Wireframes
  • Game Logo and Icon Design
  • Isometric Art (Buildings, Assets)
  • Pixel Art

Our  Apple iPhone Game Developers and iPhone Programmers offer the following services for iPhone Apps and iPhone Games:

  • iPhone Development
  • iPhone Game Development
  • iOS Development
  • iOS Game Development
  • iOS 9 Game Development
  • iPhone 6 Games, iPhone 6S Games
  • iPhone Art & Game Art
  • iPhone Programming
  • iPhone Game Programming
  • iPhone 3D Games, iPhone 2D Games
  • Free Game Apps for iPhone
  • iPhone Game App development
  • iPhone UI, iPhone GUI
  • iPhone User Interface Design

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Our iPad Developers offer:

  • iPad Game Development
  • iPad Art & iPad Game Art
  • iPad Design
  • iPad Development
  • iPad Programming
  • iPad Game Programming
  • iPad Games Apps
  • iPad Applications Games
  • iPad 2D/3D Games
  • iPad UI Design

Our Android Developers offer:

  • Android Game Development
  • Android Development
  • Android Programming
  • Android Game Programming
  • Android Game Creation
  • Android UI Design
  • Android User Interface Design
  • Game Apps for Android
  • Android Apps Games
  • Google Android Apps
  • Google Android Development
  • Game For Android

Our Game Art Studios clients include 3D game studios, top game developers and game publishers from:

  • North America: USA, Canada
  • Europe: Netherlands, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Cyprus, Austria
  • Scandinavia: Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland
  • Middle East: UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan,Israel, Bahrain, Kuwait, Dubai
  • Asia: Japan, South Korea, Honk Kong, Singapore
  • Oceania: Australia, New Zealand
  • UK: England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales
  • Others: Brazil, China, India, South Africa

We cater to all video game platforms:

  • iOS: iPhone and iPad
  • Android: Android Phones and Android Tablets
  • XBOX: Xbox ONE,  Xbox Kinect and Xbox 360
  • PlayStation Consoles:PS4, PlayStation 3, PS 2 and PlayStation Network (PSN)
  • PlayStation Handheld: PSP Vita
  • Nintendo:Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3Ds
  • Facebook
  • PC /Mac
  • Smart Phone/ Mobile

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