Android Game Development

Android Game Development – The New Frontier!

Android Game Development has taken the mobile gaming industry by storm and now it a stiff competitor to iPhone iOS.

Our Development approach makes us distinct from the crowd and we figure prominently in the list of the most popular Companies. With a development team of brilliant Android Game Developers and an award winning design arm, you are assured of world-class game development Services that will receive rave reviews and make a mark on Android App Store and the Android Market.

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Hire Android Developers

Android devices come in varied screen sizes and are manufactured by various handset providers like LG, Motorola, Samsung, HTC, Sony among others. One of the major challenges of Android is to build the game which works equally well on small and big screen sizes and the FPS is maintained on all devices. Hire Android Game Developers Today!

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Below is a brief of the Android Game Development process at Zatun:

  • Understanding the Game idea.
  • Creating the Game concept.
  • Creating the Game design document.
  • Creating the Interactive Wireframe & UI Flow creation.
  • Defining milestones.
  • Game art style selection.
  • Creation of game concepts including game characters, character design, level design and Android UI.
  • Development of Android game prototype.
  • Android prototype Development covers core game mechanics, game play and Android game programming using placeholder art.
  • Development of game assets, game characters and game levels.
  • Development of Android UI, Menus, Android Interface design.
  • Android programming, Android game programming and integration of game art, UI, physics, game mechanics and code.
  • Game Testing and QA.
  • Final Build Submission.
  • Android Store Submission.

Our expert developers use the below Android Game Programming packages, tools and platforms:

  • Android SDK
  • Java
  • HTML 5
  • AndEngine
  • Libgdx

  • Concept Design, Character Design
  • Vector Art
  • Pixel Art
  • Isometric Art
  • 2D Game Graphics, 3D Game Graphics
  • 2D Game Backgrounds, 3D Game backgrounds
  • 2D Game Assets, 3D Game Assets
  • 2D Avatars, 3D Avatars
  • 2D Animation, 3D Animation
  • 3D Modeling
  • 3D Game Characters
  • 3D Game Environments
  • Game Level Design

  • Android Game UI Design
  • Android GUI development
  • Android GUI Design
  • Android Interface Design
  • Android Game Icons
  • Android User Interface Design
  • Android App Interface Design
  • Android App UI Design
  • Android Interactive Wireframes Design
  • Android UI Mockup Sketches
  • Android Splash Screen Design
  • Android Game Logo Design
  • Android Design App
  • Application Gui Design

Android Game Development Genres by Android Developers:

  • Android Action and Arcade Games
  • Android Adventure and Android Kids Games
  • Android Classic and Casual Games
  • Android 2D games/ Android 3D games
  • Android Puzzle Games and Strategy Games
  • Android Sports Games and Simulation Games
  • Android RPG games and Android FPS games
  • Android Tower Defense Games
  • Android Multiplayer Interactive Games

Android Development and Android Programming Features:

  • Android 2D game/3D development
  • Inbuilt 2D- 3D graphics enabling exciting games
  • Open source game development platform
  • Custom Android Game Development
  • Rich graphics with highly interactive mobile games
  • Wider Audience Reach
  • Android games have core Linux support
  • Sound support for audio/video streaming
  • Android games are Java based

Android Game Development Company: A Popular Choice for Entertaining Android Development Games

Android Game Development has become a popular choice within a short span of time due to the numerous advantages it promises to offer.

Being an open platform, Android lacks the limitations of Apple iOS, which makes Android development more attractive and cost effective for individuals and businesses. It helps them to extend their gaming solutions independently from a third party platform provider and exercise virtually unlimited control over the development and release.

There is no standardization in Android OS does not have to license with one particular mobile phone manufacturing company so that the android phones can differ significantly in features or hardware specifications. This makes it very easy for Android professionals to identify a phone that meets their hardware requirements perfectly. Our Android Programming team leverages this feature to create enthralling and highly engaging Android Games.

Android Game Development Company

Being one of the pioneering Android Development Companies, We understand the importance of market research and invest time and resources in all mainstream platforms including Android.

Games on the Android platform are becoming immensely popular due to the powerful Google Android operating system support and an emergence of tools and platforms like the Android Media Graphics, Unity 3D engine, OpenGL other technologies that have allowed us to develop some of the most downloaded games in the Market Place.

Our primary goal is always to deliver the best to our clients. Our Android programming developers make it a point to keep updated with emerging Android Programming technologies so that they can elevate the gaming experience for its players. If you are looking to Android outsource or offshore game development, Zatun would be the top choice among Android Developers to deliver!

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