Why Outsource?

Why Outsource A Job?

Why outsource a job if it could be tackled within the four walls of a premise? About fifteen years down the line, question of outsourcing never arose in a serious way, though the concept existed. Professionals were appointed at a cost to address critical issues be it pertaining to company formation, publicity of a product or service, or seeking legal reprisal. Professionals still exist but areas of operation have vastly increased. Not only doctors, advocates, or architects fall under the category of professionals, but also recovery agents, online marketers, and even games developer such as Zatun. The benefits of outsourcing are so profound that established industrial and commercial houses are gradually outsourcing many of their regular tasks to external organizations.

Outsourcing Is A Welcome Change

Outsourcing is now an accepted business practice common across all countries and economic sectors. Dearth of space and qualified manpower has necessitated manufacturers and business leaders to seek alternative resources for delegating routine jobs like payment collection, maintenance of equipments or stock, and creating brand awareness. This necessity is further aggravated by severe market competition at a global level. Widespread usage of information technology supported by an equally enterprising communication network has literally opened up the market for goods and services. Both buyers and sellers are operating on a global scale with multiple resources to fall back upon. Buyers have a limitless choice of any product or service available from leading brands. Similarly, sellers have untapped markets to cater to and get proper price of their commodities.

To exist in this environment of cut throat competition, it is necessary for marketers and manufacturers to cut corners for survival. Less productive jobs are being outsourced and resources are being used wisely for more productive jobs.

Benefits Of Outsourcing

Tasks like payment follow-up and collection, recovery of bad debts, creating brand awareness, or making customer care calls are labour intensive and less paying. These business process outsourcing (BPO) and ITO (information technology outsourcing) jobs are assigned to professional bodies against payments. These jobs if done within a company involve deployment of enough human capital and equipments which entail a huge cost in terms of salaries and overheads. On outsourcing these jobs, a company saves a substantial amount.

Saving of resources on one hand implies utilizing it for more productive areas. This enhances business innovation and encourages growth potential, the key aspects for surviving in this highly competitive environment. To make the most of your resources it is essential that investment on information technology is rationalized.

Programmer outsourcing is a justifiable move in rationalizing IT expenditure. Even tasks like web designing and development, web hosting and management, data storage and maintenance, and online marketing are outsourced to external agencies. Payments for these services are paid on assignment basis saving costs towards overheads.

Another remarkable benefit of outsourcing is the availability of the best resources from across the globe. Outsourcing work to India or any other country in Asia or East Europe is now an habitual practice among organizations in American and West European countries. Zatun is one such games development and designing company that accepts outsourcing work to India.

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