What Companies Outsource

What Indian Companies Outsource

Outsourcing now has become the order of the day! Outsourcing is the act where an organization hires another company’s services which are integral for its operations but are considered non-core to the business. The tasks outsourced by a company could be often performed by its employees but due to lack of manpower or financial constraints, the task remains incomplete. Here, the outsourcing companies in India prove to be immensely beneficial. Presently, India is considered a vast pool of outsourcing services and many companies are now seen to outsource both administrative as well as technical tasks from the outsourcing companies in India. The main reasons behind the popularity of India as the best outsourcing destination are its technological competence, flexibility, cost effectiveness, quality standards and fast turnaround time. Zatun is an Indian company specializing in games outsourcing.

So what are the tasks that most of the foreign companies outsource to the best outsourcing companies in India? Outsourcing companies in India are known to offer almost each and every business function, acclaimed for its well established business sectors across the nation. Right from clerical and administrative activities like human resource support, building administration, payroll, data entry, credit collection to more technical and specialized areas like website development and maintenance, content development, online marketing and game development. Outsourcing companies are mushrooming all over these days, due to the economic liberalization policies undertaken by the Indian government and globalization groups.

The outsourcing companies in India are busy catering to the increasing demand of rising market and consumerism. That is the reason why more and more foreign countries are availing the superlative services of the best outsourcing companies in India. Moreover, the availability of affordable labor rates and skilled man power have contributed to the growth of Indian outsourcing business sector. The outsourcing companies in India generate a major source of employment for fresh graduates in the country that accounts for up to 0.7 million people who are engaged into this segment with an average wage growth of 10 to 15% per year.

What Companies Outsource From India?

Some of the major sectors and assignments that the foreign companies outsource from the Indian outsourcing agency includes:-

  • Business process re-engineering
  • System migration
  • E-commerce, web hosting
  • System integration
  • Maintenance of legacy systems
  • Website design and development services
  • Software development
  • Game development, 3D game development, etc

Apart from these tasks, there are the couple of other highly specialized business function that are also outsourced from the best outsourcing companies in India depending on the agency’s skill set along with the type of output offered by them. There are innumerable companies based across the world that outsource various assignments to the best outsourcing companies like Zatun in India. Most of the businesses belong to the industries of banking, finance, analytics, media and communications, information technology among others. Even the major domestic players outsource the superior services of the best outsourcing companies in India to outsmart their competitors.

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