Traffic Jam – Fun Game

Traffic Jam – Fun Game : The mob is angry and baying for your blood. The roads are tricky and full of mind-boggling obstacles. Adrenalin is already pumping, and a street-mob lynching has been declared. Will you sail or sink?

Enter the perilous world of our Traffic Jam hero, a good fellow who insists on driving in the busy Indian streets with his mind firmly stuck on his gorgeous girlfriend, accidentally hits ‘aunty’, and raises the indomitable anger of Aunty’s friends.

From here onwards, it becomes a terrifying game of struggle for survival as you take your reflex senses on a protracted task to protect the hero from being hit by objects that the friends are hurled at him. There is no more thinking about a beautiful girlfriend. The angry crowd in the street won’t give you the luxury as they struggle to hurl every object they can lay their hands on. From dirty shoes, to chairs, tables and bananas, prepare yourself for one battle of a kind.

Tapping atdangerous objects makes them disappear while tapping on foods and fruits increases your health. There is the added challenge of mumbo-jumbo traffic on the busy Indian roads that you have to skirt through. Glaring sunrays and a haranguing storm characterize the dynamic Indian roads, giving you an extra challenge to think about.

Game Screenshots

Game Features

  • An ironical Bollywood music background
  • Share your game scores with friends on Twitter and Facebook
  • Touch-based game controls
  • Professional high resolution graphics rendering
  • A street battle like you have never been engaged in before

Players will strongly identify with the 2D rendering of the game in a normal everyday stuck-in-the-traffic situation and the anxieties it raises. The introductory setting is both hilarious and something which every man should identify with. You will also love the contemporary Indian theme that the game presents.

If you can survive here, then you will definitely survive anywhere.

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