Top Facebook Game Applications

Top Facebook Game Applications

Which are the Top Facebook Game Applications that Facebook users can play solo or with friends. So far you have used Facebook for social interactions, why not use it now as a gaming platform. On Facebook you can enjoy Facebook Social games that will surprise you at every level with their exciting features.

With over 30 million members globally and over 15 billion page-views per month, Facebook has been ranked at the 7th spot for most visited website in the United States. Launched by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004 as a social networking site for university and college students, Facebook has come a long way. In May 2007, Facebook launched a platform within its user interface that allowed developers to build third-party applications. This has encouraged businesses to promote and market their products and services via Facebook. Today, it’s a worldwide craze and people around the globe not only engage in virtual socializing but also play variety of captivating and thrilling Facebook Social games.

Some of the Top Facebook Game Applications have over 12 million players and it sure does make one exciting online social game.

Take a look:

  • Top Facebook Game Applications: Feudalism 2

This series of online game is set in medieval England. The objective is to conquer the world in a series of battles with warlords. Navigation of the characters through the various villages to defeat and conquer is done by using arrow keys or W, A, S, and D. This top Facebook game allows you to exhibit multiple skills via the play mode that enables you to walk across the land and shoot with space bar as the enemy approaches. Additionally, drag and drop different weapons to power up your ammunition. This game sharpens your reflexive skills and keeps your adrenalin racing because you must be ready to battle at any given point in time, especially when you conquer the world. Be sure to check out this Top Facebook Game Apps.

  • Top Facebook Game Apps: Paint Blood

This action-packed game heightens your observation skills, by allowing you to navigate through a maze to reach the other side safely. The character portrayed in the game is an artist who must tread of the enemy blood to escape to safety. Guide the artist with arrow keys to discover computer chips that would reveal the next level which is complex and more challenging.

  • Top Facebook Game Apps: Trigger Master

Test your reaction time with this Top Facebook game application. Aim and shoot at teasing townsman who disapproves this fellow for falling in love with a woman who they consider less than beautiful. Be quick to shoot the targets as they move swiftly once you launch the game.

  • Top Facebook Game Applications: Karoshi: Suicide Salary-man

These bizarre Top Facebook game apps perhaps reflect the current situation of a professional living in metropolitan or small cities. It follows an overworked man who must kill himself for you to win the game. The game launches with him in a cave depicting the office environment where players to reach different levels in the games must navigate him to jump and hop to his fate.

  • Top Facebook Game Applications: Vampire Fever Vampires!

Yes you guessed it right; this is a classic Billiards style Halloween game that allows you to strike creatures similar to the pool game. Play to infect the various creatures like bats, witches and mummies by shooting at them with Viro. The objective of the game is to prevent these creatures from attaining complete health at each challenging level. With such engaging games on Facebook; you can now enjoy your free time by playing it with friends online! All you need is a PC or laptop with an internet connection and you are ready to have fun anytime, anywhere. Contact ipad programmer, ipad programmers for develop ipad games, ipad programming, ipad game programming, apple ipad programming, ipad development environment, ipad apps.

Apart from the Top Facebook Game Applications mentioned above, the other top Facebook Game apps are:

    1. Farm Ville
    2. City Ville
    3. Yo Ville
    4. Garden Of Times
    5. Fish Ville
    6. Mafia Wars
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