Tips for Submitting your Resume to any Video Game Company

1)      Portfolio

  • It is always better to have a current online portfolio that clearly showcases your strongest skills.
  • Make sure you submit the latest portfolio and it showcases all the work done by you and the work is not copyright or stolen.
  • If submitting a portfolio which was done on a group-project, please mention the work you did before or after the show reel.
  • For a 3D modeler position, please submit the wireframes.
  • For a 3D Animator position, please show some real game animation. No cartoony default character animations please.
  • For concept position, please show some game related characters or environment art.
  • For programmer position, please showcase at least 1 single game you have worked on.
  • No point in showing your superb Graphic Design/ VFX/Architecture/Lighting/Composition skills done in other software’s as it’s not what we are looking for.
  • No point in submitting 10 million Polycount character if the same can be achieved in less than 10,000 polygons.
  • Be clear regarding the position you are applying for.

2)      Resume

  • Apply with your latest resume.Please do not name your resume “myresume.pdf” or “rockstar199resume.pdf” or “myname114.pdf.” It should be with your “firstname-lastname-position.pdf”
  • Latest job comes first under the Experience section.
  • Resume should be 2 pages maximum.
  • Your achievements come last. Not first.Be clear if you are willing to relocate. No point in applying to Delhi studios from Kochi if you are not willing to re-locate.
  • If you are studying and still have 2 years to go, why bother applying. But if your portfolio rocks, go ahead and apply.
  • If you have switched more than 4 jobs in the last 2 years, please do not bother applying.

3)      Emails

  • Please do not send resumes from your emails like each company your resume in a single e-mail. Don’t add all company contacts in the single recipient. It not only shows you are lazy but also that you are not serious about the job you are applying for.
  • Do not spam the company “business development” or any other e-mail ID. Send it to the HR or jobs email only.

4)      Notes

  • Just because you can create a sphere in particular software does not mean that you know that software.
  • DO NOT APPLY if you have not played any games to a video game company.
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