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PC Game Development – Zatun Transforms the Gamer’s World!

Fun-filled, action-packed, mind-boggling PC games provide an amazing experience. PC Gaming isn’t dead and the number of PC game lovers are rising by the day and the list of games is also defying gravity. Keeping in league with the ever growing need of exciting games, PC game developers are on a gold rush.

At Zatun, we don’t just develop PC games, we revolutionize the way gamers play. We call PC development game our passion not just a profession.

PC Game Development – We Understand!

The fact that game sensitizes the brain, capture the senses and become a part of the gamer’s world is what motivates us. While there are various modes in which one can play his favorite games, we value the gamer’s privacy and vouch for PC game development as any other equivalent mode. Employing innovative and highly creative ideas, Zatun the innovate PC game developers provide impeccable game development services.

Below is a brief of the PC Game Development process at Zatun:

– Understanding the Game idea.
– Creating the Game concept.
– Creating the game design document.
– Defining milestones.
– Creating the Interactive Wireframe & UI Flow creation.
– Game art style selection.
– Development of a PC game prototype.
– PC prototype development covers core game mechanics, game play and game programming using place holder art.
– UI Interface Design and Level Design.
– Development of game assets, game levels and in-game UI.
– PC game programming and integration of game art, UI, physics, game mechanics and code.
– Game Testing and QA.
– Final Build Submission.

Our 3D PC Game Art services are:

– Low Poly 3D Modeling
– High Poly 3D Modeling
– 3D Character Modeling
– 3D Asset Modeling
– 3D Environment Modeling
– 3D Vehicle Modeling
– 3D Weapon Modeling
– UV mapping and Texture (Low Res and High Res)
– Normal Mapping
– 3D  Animation
– 3D Avatars
– 3D Game Backgrounds
– Isometric 3D Art

Our Game Design skills for PC games are:

– Game Design Document
– GUI Design document
– Level Design
– Game Story
– Game Play design
– Game Storyboarding

PC Game Development – It’s All New Ball Game!

The psychology of a gamer who loves PC games over other platforms are different and we treat it with all its unique traits. While PC games can be for single or multiple players, thrill and excitement are completely singular from other modes of playing. This is why the PC game developers need to create games to capture the gamer’s attention to make a game successful. It would please all the related senses.

Working along with reputable clients like Ubisoft, Disney, Gearbox Software, Blade Interactive to name a few, we have already made a name for ourselves. When it comes to versatility, reliability and professional quality in game development; Zatun gives it best even under the strictest deadlines.

PC Game Development – Team of Talented PC Game Developers

“Who should take the credit of a successful project?” when one thinks about a successful game development PC project is a question that usually crops of. We at Zatun say, “It’s the TEAM”. Hiring the crème de la crème from around the globe, we pride in our team of talented and die-hard Game Developers.

Zatun ensuring high-quality game design and development services to its wide clientele also designs its own game productions that appeal to the gamers worldwide.

To support these genius game designers, Zatun has equally gifted pc game developers, concept artists, animators, Level designers, programmers, 2D and 3D modelers and game testers.

PC Game Development – Latest Technology Adds to the Oomph!

Understanding the cut-throat competition in PC game development sector and the effort that goes behind delivering a world class title, Zatun brings in all the latest tools and softwares involved in the video game development process to provide world class services. Its state-of-the-art studio keeps them updated with every rising sun.

With a humble beginning from India, Zatun is all set to make itself the hub for PC game development service throughout the globe. Looking for an outstanding PC game Developers? Zatun is all ears to hear you out.

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