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5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About THE MAC OS X


The OS X is one of the most advanced operating system you will find, built on an established UNIX foundation and coupled with a GPU-accelerated desktop, instinctive networking services, and system-wide optimization for multi-core CPUs.

This OS X developer toolset enables you to have a great platform upon which to create attractive, pioneering, and high-performance applications. OS X integrates a bunch of user-friendly technologies that allow any os x developer to create apps with powerful features.


Apple is growing Game Centre from an iOS with OS X Mountain Lion, enabling os x game development that adds friend requests, un-lockable achievements and top score programme.

With social gaming characteristics comparable to those in Microsoft’s X Box Live, Game Centre allows game designers to use the single system for recording scores and for sending invitations to their friends, or getting set up to play with other players in multiuser games.
In Mountain Lion, Apple is enabling OS X Mountain Lion Games to use Game Centre’s features on the Mac desktop.


This new operating system is offered free by Apple. The best feature of Mavericks is that you can now open numerous files in one Finder instance using tabs, just as you would in a web browser. If you like to correspond as resourcefully as possible, you can respond to Messages, FaceTime, and emails directly in the little Notification Centre pop-ups. You are also able to manage your music with iTunes, edit and share photos and video, and enjoy the latest os x mavericks games, apps, and e-books.


While Apple doesn’t seem to put a lot of the effort into Macs that they do into iOS, there has been a rolling rise in a software explosion of great Mac osx games in the past couple of years. Generally, the Mac platform hasn’t been good to gamers. There were moderately few os x games out there created for it , and the ports from other platforms were time consuming, if there were any at all. Things have changed a lot since then. It is now easier to just go and imitate a windows setting on the Mac and start playing games using Bootcamp. Many of the Mac games listed can be found built into the mavericks app store.

•    Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood
Most of the four hundred million-part Assassin’s Creed stealth/parlour series is available on OSX now. The third game Brotherhood adds a couple of new things and basically turns them into one wild party.

•    X Games: Bioshock
At a time when shooting games dictate the gaming industry but are only concerned about raising the spectacle, anything that brings intelligence to the brazen violence is to be appreciated. This is surely one of the best games of the 21st century.

•    Shadowrun Returns: Dragonfall
•    Batman: Arkham Asylum
•    Planetary Annihilation
•    Tropico 5
•    5 Pillars of Eternity
•    Wasteland

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