Ninjaken for Android

About the game:

Ninjaken follows the adventures of the ninja Shinji as he battles quickly advancing enemies and traps meant to weaken him and break his spirit. Shinji fights everywhere; from the rural lowlands to the high stone pathways of the Great Wall of China. Like all great ninjas, Shinji has special moves like Onek Shuriken and Shinji Tatsumaki that help him vanquish his enemies and advance through the many beautiful boards in the game.

Ninjaken’s action is fast-paced and its arcade style game play increases in complexity as players level up. The game is packed with sword chopping action, well-timed jumps and throwing stars to indulge the player in many different ninja disciplines.

The arcade controller in Ninjaken is a signature feature of the game and includes color coded, onscreen signals that warn players of the correct move they need to make before disaster strikes. Complete with stunning graphics and mesmerizing music, Ninjaken is the best new app for Android ninja game lovers worldwide.


Zatun developed a ninja game called Ninjaken on Android for Rexone Studios. Zatun worked on the game design, user interface, level design, game concepts, game development and marketing as well. The game was developed with LibGDX framework for Android games and the art was done in Photoshop and Illustrator. The entire game development was done in under 3 – 4 months.

View art for Ninjaken Game on our Android Art portfolio here.


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