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OS X Mountain Lion is another release of OS X, Apple’s desktop and server operating system for Mac computers. Its name signifies its position as an improvement of the earlier OS X version, Apple’s stated objectives in creating Mountain Lion were to let users to more easily administer and coordinate content between multiple Apple devices and to make the operating system more recognizable.

There’s no scarcity of decent programs available for OS X. There are mountain lion games and apps for everyone. Very few “important” apps remain unavailable for Mac. A Mac comes with a lot of fun and useful OS X Mountain Lion Apps already installed, some of which are listed below.


•    FaceTime: This enables the user to easily make a video call and stay in touch with others, face to face. You can also call friends who have iPhone 4. iPad 2, iPod touch, or a Mac.

•    Game Center: Play games for mountain lion with friends online or enjoy a game by yourself.

•    iTunes: The definitive digital jukebox. iTunes plays all your digital videos, music, podcasts, and can share all of your content with your Apple TV ,iPod, iPhone, Mac, and iPad.

•    Mac App Store: The finest way to locate and download os x mountain lion apps. You can surf, buy, establish, update, and write reviews for your apps.

•    Photo Booth: Use the integrated camera on your Mac to take single photos, or a movie clip—ready to transmit to friends, use as a Messages icon, or put into your iPhoto library.

•    Safari: An online browser that enhances your browsing experience. It’s quick, user-friendly, and lets you simply take pleasure in browsing the web.


There are a lot of games for mountain lion, developed to give users a new and refreshing experience. Most recent free-to-play games are not designed for the Mac, but there are still a load of good games to enjoy on your OS X machine. In Mountain Lion, players can now access their existing Game Centre accounts through the new Game Centre app, giving them complete access to all their achievements, leader boards, friends, and statistics across all of Apple’s platforms. The following is a list of some of the best games for mountain lion.

•    RC Mini Racers
One of the best free-to-play car racing games on the Mac App Store.

•    Blood & Glory
Enjoy all the goriness and the carnage for free. This game has HD visuals and some gesture control.

•    Pirates of the Caribbean Online
This mountain lion game is an interesting spin-off of the box office movie.

•    AssaultCube
This game isn’t only free-to-play, but it is also an open source, very lightweight size with 26 diverse maps and quick game play.

These are just a small group of free games for mountain lion that are spread all over the internet, but there are a few more that you can find in order to suit your gaming options.

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