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Zatun is a leading 2D game art outsourcing company, serving game developers and publishers across the globe. Based in India, our game studio has a competent and talented team of game developers, artists and designers to create all your 2D assets. We provide time-and-material (T&M) engagement and turnkey solutions to clients looking to produce the best 2D art for their games.

Why Choose Zatun For 2D Game Art Outsourcing?

Zatun is the right choice when it comes to 2D game art outsourcing because we possess years of experience and expertise in creating the most stunning backgrounds, graphics, concept art and characters for 2D games. Our expert team understands the ever-changing needs of the gaming industry and is well aware of what graphics and visuals the end user finds engaging.

2D art outsourcing on multiple platforms requires different tricks and skills to deliver the best possible experience. At Zatun, we have worked on numerous projects including mobile app 2D game art design, console game 2D art and development as well as HTML5 and web game 2D art development. We are focused on delivering 2D game art of the highest quality, on time, every time.

Our Features

Zatun’s 2D art team is capable of covering any field, including different forms of illustration, asset planning, conceptualization and more:

  • 2D Concept Art & Illustration: Story Elements, Characters, Entire Environments, Vehicles and Creatures, Levels and Vistas.
  • 2D Sprite Animation
  • Websites & Forums Design
  • Full Parallax Game Backgrounds
  • Mobile Optimized Interfaces Design
  • 2D Game User Interface Design – and more!

Want to Transform Your Ideas into World-Class 2D Game Art?

Zatun only employs the best talent in 2D game art who have substantial experience in mobile games development (Windows, iPhone & Android game development), Virtual Reality games as well as Augmented games.

Our expertise in various industry verticals including but not limited to entertainment games, casual games, sports games, casino games and arcade games allows us to deliver a graphic universe that is wonderful and unique, keeping in mind the target audience.

So, are you looking for the best 2D art for your game project? Then, you have come just to the right place as Zatun uses only the latest game development technology and methodologies to create high-quality 2D animation and art for your games!

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