Match 3 Games

Match 3 Games

A Game Matching 3 similar objects – A brilliantly conceived concept Match 3 games are the online games, which involves in matching 3 or more than 3 similar colours or similar shapes to gain high score, also to unlock the next level and to win more exciting prizes. This game also consists of many varieties of games like solving puzzles and mysteries. Match 3 online games can be played by people of every age group. Even kids are addicted to these Match 3 online games. The new match 3 games have many levels where the first few levels will be easy to play for the beginners and gradually getting tougher with the high levels. The Match online games are created by the developer and it is their challenge to make the player to get addicted while playing these Match online games.

Many studios are highly talented in creating such puzzle skills match 3 games that makes the player more addictive and to have a stunning experience while playing the game. Attractive graphics, soothing music that makes the player feels engrossed, bonus points, exciting puzzles and various levels are some of the features of the match games.

Specifications of Match 3 games

Though the play rules vary from one game to other, there are some general criteria to be followed as shown below.

•    Bring 3 or more similar shapes or same coloured jewels together in a same vertical column or in a horizontal row.
•    Making them burst for gaining high scores.
•    This should be done before the figures disappear.
•    The player is progressed step by step to the next higher level of the game when each level is successfully completed by the player.
•    Even bonus points are there when the goal is achieved before the time limit.
•    There are also special prizes available.

New Arrivals:

In some new match 3 games online, the player is explored through some unsolved puzzles like finding a way through the pyramids in order to find the location of the jewels of the pharaoh, adventure solving mysteries or like finding the wonders etc. These new match 3 games are not only available for PC but also available for other digital devices like Facebook, iPhone, iPad and in Androids.  Hence, a player with any device, which has the internet connection, can play the match 3 online games.

As discussed, there are different kinds of match game online among which match 3 puzzle game is very popular. This game develops a special interest to play. This game also brings brain racking and excitement to the players.

Categories of Puzzle Games:

The puzzles can be like:
•    Matching the symbols.
•    Completing the pattern.
•    Creating the words.

Task of the Developers:

These puzzles are found hidden in the background of the frame which can be identified only by the eyes of the well-trained players. This kind of match 3 puzzle games is designed by the developers in the studio who are expertise to give a thrilling experience to the players and make them addicted to playing this game on daily basis. The developer needs time to create such match 3 games online because they have a challenging role in satisfying the player of all age. Hence, Match online games are meant to be playfully engrossing, audibly and visually attractive.

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