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How to Develop A Mac Game or App from Start to Finish

Game Development Tools

For those game lovers or developers out there getting ready to create new games, or looking to get into mac game development for the first time, listen up. You will require apple game development tools that will help you design and bring your fantasy mac games to life.
Some of the programs require a fundamental understanding of programming to make maximum use of their potential, while others don’t even require any kind of coding. It’s time to learn a thing or two about mac computer games design!

Start Your Engines

Programmers don’t build free mac games using OpenGL (or DirectX); as an alternative, developers rely on an “engine” that enables them to deal with intricate graphics in a distinct way.

Engines come in all shapes and sizes, and are all meant to enhance apple game development. Some are commercial, and offer complete three-dimensional programming environments that game developers can easily transfer from platform to platform. Others focus on building free and open-source 2D games, with minimum licensing requirements beyond recognition of their use in a game’s credits. These game development mac engines are listed below.

•    PuzzleScript
This is a free, open-source game engine intended to assist you create tile-based puzzle mac games. While its IDE-like interface looks complicated to people with limited programming skills, it’s actually quite basic and easy to learn.

•    Game Maker
You can download GameMaker 8.1 for free or pay $39.99 for the Pro version on Windows, or $19.99 for the Pro version on Mac. It has drag-and-drop options and other user-friendly features for non-programmers, as well as integrated scripting language for more experienced users.

•    Construct 2
Though it may be easier to use, Construct 2 is similar to GameMaker. A bunch of basic coding language used in GameMaker’s drag-and-drop features is replaced in favour of more straightforward terms, plus it comes with a lot of basic visual effects!

•    Unity
Unity is the only Mac-based high-end game design tool sporting a no-friction workflow, smart pro-app GUI and top notch technical features. Unity is a 3D game editor that contains one of the most advanced game engines out there.

The Best Free Mac Games

The mac App store is packed with exciting free mac games that offer high quality gaming experiences. Free Apple mac computer games you should play include;

•    Team Fortress 2
Team Fortress 2 is an incredible well-balanced web-based shooter game. Even though Team Fortress 2 is a multiplayer, you can just go ahead and start playing on your own.

•    Shadow era
If you’re into card trading then Shadow Era: Dark Prophecies is the game to get. This is a full scale card trading game played online. You use these cards in battles with other players.

•    World of warcraft
World of Warcraft is indisputably addictive. This web-based role playing game places a number of players together and enables them to build up their characters. It’s free but you can purchase a subscription that will enable you to get extra content.

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