Low Poly Art

Low Poly Art

The virtual world today is surpassing the dynamism of real world. A creative mind can do wonders. A good game developer today provides with the creative video game by taking care of visual features and other aspects. An interactive character in the video game can be created using pro software by the developers. A digital art technique called low poly art design can create beautiful games. It basically refers to the art technique which uses triangles. It can be made in 2D software like Illustrator and Photoshop.

Get Creative With Low Poly Art

A video game art with a 2d character design in it can be outsourced to an art studio company. It can be a good idea as the art studio company has required expertise and talented team of engineers. They have skills and in depth knowledge of using low poly art technique to create a 2d character. The work is usually done in phases. Initially, color addition is done to the character and another detailing is done. Then it is reviewed and reworked to make the pixel perfect finish. Outsourcing may help reduce the cost of your game development project.

How did this art become popular?

A life like the character created using high poly art did not prove to be a good option for mobile hardware. So something equally engaging was needed. Developers of video games then started using lesser polygons in order to optimize them for mobile phones. A lot of brainstorming is done to create characters for the game development.

Creating Characters

Game developers know that for mobile phones a lesser number of vertices is desirable. More vertices rendered per second can impact the game – play as it will reduce the frame rate of the game. Thus every game artist desires to achieve the same in video game art. During recreation of real life shapes and surfaces using this art, the artist tends to the mesh such that lack of curves is not explicitly visible. Though the vertices are less in number, the object created looks convincing enough in its shape.

The most important thing is that while creating a 2d character for design, it is seen made of basic low poly art design shapes in such a way that basic geometry of the character is not disturbed. For example, a tiger must look like a tiger and not a normal cat.

A cartoon style art is the prevalent trend in low poly video game art. Though basic convention of modeling is followed, exaggeration of characters is possible especially in a case of human characters and faces. In fact, it is believed by most art studio companies that lesser polygons substantiated better through cartoon style art. This is because a lot of creative elements can be added. For e.g., a larger body part may be used to signify a particular skill of that character, a large head of intelligence or a broader shoulder for strength and carrying weapons. Low edges to cylindrical parts can help regulate the resolution at the same time. Hence, a poly art design may bring out the sparkling character you were looking for your video game.

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