Kite Fever – Fun Game

Game Availability and Game-play

Kite Fever – Fun Game: The game is available on Play Store only and can be played on any smartphone or tablet that runs on Android 2.1 or more advanced version of the OS. The total size of the game is 11 MB and it consumes both internal and SD card memory of your device. Once you download the game and like it, you can recommend Kite Fever-Fun Game to other friends as well by touching the inbuilt Facebook and Twitter share buttons.

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The game is pretty exciting and has an Indian feel due to the subject. The target audience is both kids and adults as we all love to fly kites. The game has to be played using a combination of touch and motion sensor. To fly the kite in the sky, you need to push it upwards using your fingers and to cut the kites, you need to use the motion sensor and tilt the kite left or right.

The game is pretty addictive and encourages gamers to achieve better heights and collect more kites. You get 3 kites in a game and if all 3 are lost, you lose the game. The killer kite is red colored and the “info” option of the game informs you about the objects you must avoid. Some of the objects your kite must not touch are dish antenna, normal analog antenna, tree branches and birds.


The story is quite basic as the main goal of the gamer is to fly kites and cut as many kites as possible. The kite is attached with a string and kite winder. The gamer must start flying the kite as soon as the game begins because one kite gives only a few seconds to start the flight. If you take more than 5 seconds to start flying, you lose a kite. Simple! However, you won’t see any opponents in the game; only opponents’ kites are visible.


The look and feel of Kite Fever-Fun Game are very much Indian. Developers have taken care of the small details to create an urban, congested Indian city in digital format. In fact, you will even see a cow at the very beginning of the game! Colors are rich and vibrant. It’s a 2D animation game, so don’t expect any lifelike character and considering the story; it is a wise decision on the part of developers to keep the game 2D.


The audio is entertaining and mix tunes are played. Also when you cut an opponent’s kite that an encouraging cheer excites you.

Final Verdict

Should you download it? Yes, you should because it lets you relive the childhood days and you don’t have to spend a single penny to download.

About the Developer

Kite Fever-Fun Game is developed by Zatun. The company develops iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook and PC games. They also provide 2D and 3D game art development service. Some of their other famous games are “The Legend of Vraz”, “I Luv Chocolat”, “Kevi Rite Jaish” and “Vuvuzela Revenge”.

Details of the Game

  • Genre: Arcade and Action
  • Developer: Zatun
  • Players: 1 Player
  • Online: No
  • Current version: 1
  • Size: 11 MB
  • Price: Free
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