WeRule: iPhone Games Artwork

Zatun created Artwork for the iPhone game “WeRule” for iPhone Developer Newtoy Inc and iPhone Publisher NgGmoco.

Zatun was assigned with the task of creating some of the environments and characters for New Toy’s upcoming game “We Rule”. Based on the brief provided, the team at Zatun created concepts which brought the world of WeRule alive. The team later created 3d Models from these concepts.

We Rule is a collaboration between Ngmoco and NewToy. We Rule is Ngmoco’s take on the popular Facebook game Farmville, only instead of cultivating virtual crops, you’re tasked with managing a virtual kingdom.

NewToy has taken their expertise from Age of Empires, rolled it together with the social gaming juggernauts that are both of the With Friends games, while leveraging the power of Ngmoco’s Plus+ network. Players start out with a plot of land that they will found their kingdoms on, which can be tweaked, customized, and tricked out with all kinds of different buildings, landscaping, and other things.

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ngmoco-werule-01 ngmoco-werule-02

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