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A chocolate factory is laden with yummy chocolates ready to be stolen and collected along with bonuses and reward points waiting to be bagged in the kitty. Sounds easy? Not so easy, as there would be funny factory workers ready to tackle our hero’s predetermined actions. Help our hero to navigate into the factory by hoodwinking them to achieve the ultimate target, Chocolates. A combination of old-school game play and delicious ‘yummified’ targets makes the I Luv Chocolat, a fun-filled and challenging.

A combination of old-school game play and delicious ‘yummified’ targets makes ‘I Luv Chocolat’, fun-filled and challenging.

Game Screenshots

Game Features

  • 30 Exciting chocolates to collect
  • Easy to use controls
  • Old school gameplay with fun game mechanics
  • 7  different levels. Each and every level comes with a unique, different background and ‘test my intelligence’ chocolate hideouts increasing the excitement quotient.
  • Share your high score with your friends on Leaderboards or boast about your cute chocolates you collected on Facebook.
  • Some chocolates will provide you with points to add to your score tally, or give you extra time to complete your munching task. Others taste a bit off, and do the exact opposite. Be sure to eat the right ones!  Every good chocolate gives you a twinkle which tells the number of points you have won

Enter the World of “CHOCOLATE” with “I LUV CHOCOLAT”

Do you love chocolate? Do you love it enough to – gasp! – steal it from the factory itself?

In this fun family game, you’ll be outwitting the chocolate factory’s guards as you munch on tasty treats across seven exciting levels*. Collect the good chocolates to rack up a high score, while avoiding the bad ones to escape time and point penalties.Don’t forget to look at the time meter which will tell you how much time is left for you to gobble all the chocolates.

The catch here is, the player has to score more than the specified number of points dedicated to a single level to easily cruise to the next level with a big bag of goodies. Seek and collect as many candies as you can in a short span of time to keep jumping level-by-level to reach the penultimate goal of becoming the conqueror and also the ‘True lover of chocolates’.

Game Reviews!

  • For me, this game showed that Zatungames have some tricks up their sleeves, even in a game like this. I expect good games to come from this company.- LEi Mobile
  • Yes, I truly LOVE chocolate and that is a very creative game, thanks for the heads up! – John K, Brothersoft
  • The video looks great. Children will love it. Thanks to Zatun Games for bringing such a game for children. It also cost effective. A great buy. – Sai game world
  • At a buck the game is worth a shot – Drippler
  • Very yummy and interesting iPhone Game to play with chocolates! Perfect entertainer for kids. I Luv Chocolat give a unique game-play in different and tasty environments. Best controls and amazing strategy, play with time and win the game with best scores. The perfect fun for young boys and girls! – Rusty

This app is now free so all you young boys and girls out there are you ready to have fun? Go on – get your munch on!

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