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Fifa Worldcup 2010 – Vuvuzela Revenge

FIFA worldcup 2010

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Have your ear drums popped out after watching the FIFA world cup? Don’t you wish there was something you could do to get back to those Vuvuzelas. The buzzing sound has even scared the bees. Now’s your chance! Hit as many Vuvuzelas (not the fans) with the soccer ball and score points.


FIFA Worldcup 2010 Game: Vuvuzela Revenge

Game Play

1) The player has to use the mouse to aim the Vuvuzelas and click to shoot the football.
2) If the football hits the fans, a fan hit will be counted. 5 fan hits and the game ends.
3) The speed of the ball and the fans will increase as the score increases.
4) If more than 10 Vuvuzelas appear in the screen, the game will end.
5) Look out for referee call-outs during the game.

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