Game Development Studio

Game Development Studio

Developing a game from scratch can take several years for any game development studio, and sometimes exhaust the artistic capabilities of the creators. An excellent solution that reduces both the time consumed and costs involved is to outsource a part of the work to an established and reputed game development studio. Besides the time and cost saving side of things, the high degree of specialization that some biggest video game companies possess, also make art outsourcing a viable option.

What can I outsource to a Game Development Studio?

Game art is generally divided into two categories, which are 2D and 3D game art. 2D game artists specialize in developing the concept and textures of the game. 3D game artists develop the models and in-game environment while concentrating on the look and feel of the game. There is many game design studios, which have specialized teams of 3D artists to provide their services on a “project deliverable” basis. Work can be outsourced to reputed biggest video game companies with an experienced and specialized team of artists to allow timely completion and a great product.

Where Can I Outsource Game Outsourcing?

As long as you get quality content developed, the physical location of the game development company is irrelevant. In recent times, however, some of the best offshore companies are located in India or China, since these countries are known to be rich in talent and extremely cost effective.
Game Design studios differ from game outsourcing companies as they work only with game design and not art outsourcing.

How can I Outsource Art Outsourcing?

Developing a great game requires a lot of planning, management skills and most importantly, time and patience. Here are the general steps involved in outsourcing a project:

  • Contact a game development company with your requirements.
  • Wait for them to review your application.
  • Discuss the terms and conditions, project deliverables, time period etc.
  • Discuss prices and deadline.
  • Close the agreement.

Once a game development studio has acquired your project, it is advised to stay in touch with them and regularly provide them constructive feedback as it helps save time on both ends.

Is Game Development Studio the right solution for you?

Most game development company will show great enthusiasm and passion for the project and you will have complete supervision over the different aspects. If outsourcing is chosen for the right reasons of saving time and money, then yes it is a great solution. It can be thought as a symbiotic relationship where both parties greatly benefit from the association.

As every art manager knows, if too long a time is taken to develop and release a game, then the technology used may fall out of fashion and make the game redundant. Game art outsourcing is like a magic pill that will solve most of your game development needs. This is the reason why the big game development company regularly outsource their work, and you should consider it too.

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