iPad Art

iPad Art

iPad Art & iPad Design: From Conception to Implementation

The iPad Art or your game art for iPad plays an effective role in the popularity of an iPad Game or iPad Apps. We make sure the game offers an enriching user experience, interactive game play, immersing music, animated graphics and a complete game experience in order to be the Best Game App.

We are fully aware that there is no room for complacency in the world of iPad game development. Our team of skilled 2d artists, 3d artists, concept designers, character designers, 3d modelers, 3d animators, game artists and game designers can take make your bland looking app or game concept look like it’s got a million dollar upgrade.

iPad Art & Design – Different Stages of iPad Games

iPad Art & iPad Design consists of a number of stages of which the first one is, of course, the concept stage.While ideating, these iPad Game Art professionals keep in mind the platform as the game play on iPad offers a different experience compared one on an iPhone.

Though we also develop games that can be played on multiple platforms, in certain cases, clients demand a game that is meant for a single platform only. Our team of game artists are very flexible and work on iPad Art according to the specification of our clients.

  • Concept Art (sketches, line art, color)
  • Character Design (sketches, line art, color)
  • Concept Design
  • Character Concept Art, Video Game Concept Art
  • 2D Illustrations
  • Vector Art
  • 2D Game Graphics
  • 2D Game Assets
  • 2D Game Backgrounds
  • 2D Game Environments
  • 2D Animation Sprites
  • Game UI/UX Design and Interaction Wireframes
  • Game Logo and Icon Design
  • Isometric Art (Buildings, Assets)
  • Pixel Art

  • 3D Modeling Services (High Poly 3D Modeling, Low Poly 3D Modeling )
  • Zbrush Sculpting
  • 3D Game Characters
  • 3D Character Modeling
  • 3D Object Modeling
  • 3D Environment Modeling
  • 3D Vehicle Modeling, 3D Weapon Modeling
  • High Resolution Texturing
  • 3D Game Backgrounds
  • UV mapping, Texturing
  • Normal Mapping, Texture Baking
  • 3D Max Models, Unity 3D Models, 3D Game Models
  • 3Ds Modeling
  • 3D Avatars, 3D Characters
  • 3D Rigging, 3D Animation, 3D Character Animation

  • iPad Game UI Design
  • iPad UI Design
  • iPad GUI Design
  • iPad Interface Design
  • iPad Game Icons
  • iPad User Interface Design
  • iPad App Interface Design
  • iPad App UI Design
  • iPad Interactive Wireframes Design
  • iPad UI Mockup Sketches
  • iPad Splash Screen Design
  • iPad Game Logo Design

  • Game Design Document
  • GUI Design document
  • Level Design
  • Game Story
  • Game Play design
  • Game Storyboarding
  • iAds

iPad Art –  Important Aspect Of iPad Game Art

Characterization is a crucial part of iPad Game Art. Since most iPad games are essentially played with the help of characters, it is important to develop ones that can be easily identified with. Since the target audience is often varied ranging from school kids to business professionals, it is quite challenging to come up with characters in iPad art that can break barriers and score with everyone. Our iPad Game Art experts and iPad Art professionals are capable of developing a varied range of characters ensuring that your game would be the best game app that promises dollops of entertainment.

Another important aspect of iPad Game Art is color selection and coordination. The concept artist must know the proper use of color in the right places and in right proportions in order to grab maximum attention. Our iPad Art professionals are experts in this area and can design the most colorful and best game app for you.

Our game artists create art that translates easily from concept into the final game without compromising on the entertainment quotient while satisfying the requirements of the client. iPad art includes great detailing and precision.

iPad Art – Converting the Next Big  Idea to Success

Zatun’s iPad Developers are involved in iPad Game Creation, development and programming, iPad art, iPad UI and GUI design and iPad Games Apps.

Our skilled professionals Develop For iPad and specialize in iPad art and graphic development and our iPad developers are experts in creating action games, arcade games, adventure games, FPS games, RPG Games, Platformer games and kid’s games. Zatun’s iPad Developers meet clients’ deadlines, and deliver high quality, innovative work at reasonable rates.

Top 10 at the Apple App Store is no longer a dream and, Zatun the iPad Game Development Company has the right mix of iPad game developers, iPad Designers and iPad artists to your dreams a reality.

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