Casual Game Development

Casual Game Development

Casual Games – Multi Platform Casual Game Development

Casual games today can be developed not only for PC but for Mac, Linux, iPhone, PSP, XBOX Live Arcade, PSN (PlayStation Network), Wii Ware (from Nintendo Wii) Facebook games and other smart phones. No longer do you have to wait for your publisher or the online portal to give you the green signal for your Windows based game. Go ahead and explore multi-platform development and triple your sales.

Zatun draws on this very notion and provides casual game development services that are marked with cutting edge technology and magnificent graphics.

Casual Game Development – Concept to Creation with Zatun

Developing consistently polished, innovative, technically sound games is something that keeps the labs at Zatun busy. Every casual game developer rises up to the occasion which eventually leads to something uniquely smart and creative. There is nothing like a limitation for the technical experts in Zatun. Combining a solid concept with equally gripping graphics and technical know how, Zatun provides highly creative game casual game development services.

Hidden Object Games

Finding the right object from a cleverly camouflaged background is always a challenge. These games help you use your skills to find the right item in a time limit. Right from mystery Hidden object games to adventure hidden object games to hidden object games online, we can develop the next big hit title in the casual game space.

Match 3 Games

Match 3 games are where one has to match 3 or similar colors/objects to help one get higher scores. These games are popular with almost everyone. They are the next big thing after hidden object games and you have match 3 games online, match 3 puzzle games online, match games for adults, match 3 pc games and flash match 3 games.

Time Management Games

How good are you about finishing a task within a set time. Get all your senses active with some cool time management games. For the top time management games to time management cooking games, time management training games to best time management games, we develop time management games online.

Puzzle Games

Helping the gamers use their problem solving skills with proper logical approach, strategies, sequences and recognizing patterns is what makes this genre such a hot favorite.

Strategy Games

Do you want to know how good your decision making skills are? Test your ability with the strategy games.

Arcade & Action Games

These types of casual games provide the thrill and fun of playing complex games but are still easy to play.



Casual Game Development

At Zatun, we also ensure the fun factor in each game on a stage by stage analysis, which results in an ultimate fun-filled and interesting game. Our casual game development services are designed to meet specific client requirements.

If you have some fresh new ideas that can be the base of a superb engaging hidden object games; match 3 games or time management games, then we are always open for a discussion. Feel free to contact us to know more about our services.

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