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The offshore game development companies like Zatun are being hired by an increasing number of companies to complete projects in an organized and cost-effective manner. Each organization has options to outsource the game development projects to the local or offshore companies. But the companies prefer to hire an offshore game developer to complete the project economically due to difference in labor and infrastructure between the original and offshore countries. Further, the outsourcing company is also not required to spend money on recurring expenses like cost recruitment and training, and incentives. However, it is important for each company to consider a number of important factors while outsourcing the project to an offshore game development company.

Factors Consider While Availing the Services of an Offshore Game Development Company

Planning the Game

When you outsource the game development project to an offshore company, it is very much important to spend some time in planning the various aspects of the project. The company will definitely assign the project to a team of experienced game professionals. But you have to describe the content and story of the games in a clear manner. You can document the concept and story of the game application before starting the project so that the same can be reviewed and referred to by the concerned offshore game development team.

Keeping the Game Simple

Most of the smartphone users love play games developed using a simple interface. They want to experience the excitement and thrill of a video game in a simple, smooth and convenient way. So you have to concentrate on choosing an interface that offers an enhanced level of pleasure to the users. Also, the game will be able to attract the attention of more users, if they can enjoy the thrilling game without any type of complexities. You can always discuss with the offshore game development company about the various options available to develop an addictive smartphone game with a much simpler and easy-to-operate features.

Detecting and Rectifying All Bugs

Nobody can exactly predict the bug fixings and modifications required in a smart phone game application. There is no tried and tested formula to check the effectiveness of the smartphone game developed by the offshore game development company. Therefore, the application needs to be tested frequently to detect and fix the various types of errors. The professional game development team engaged by Zatun always tests the application thoroughly to make it error-free. But you must test the game again to ensure that the game complies with the functionalities and codes prescribed by the specific app store owners.

Complying with the Specified Development Guidelines

 Most of the smartphone manufacturers review the games thoroughly before including it as part of their online app store. Some companies like Apple has even released SDK for the professionals developing games by targeting the specific smartphone OS. If the game developed by the offshore game development company is approved by the manufacturer, it can be marketed without investing any additional efforts and resources. Therefore, you have to get the game application reviewed by other developers and reviewers to incorporate the required changes to be displayed as part of the online app store of the smartphone manufacturer.

Options to Update the Game

After launching the game, you have to collect the feedback from the users to improve the features and functionalities of the smartphone game. You will also be required to periodically rectify errors highlighted by the users. It is also important to upgrade the current version of the game by including a set of additional features and functionalities. However, you also have to explore the popular social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter to stay in touch with the audience. That is why; you can always retain the services of the offshore game development company like Zatun for fixing the minor bugs reported by the users and releasing updated versions of the smartphone game.

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