Game Art Studio

Game Art Studio: What is It?

Game art studios work in close association with game developers. 2D game art studio artists are responsible for designing the background components in a game i.e. the environment.

Game art studios work in close association with game developers. A game art studio uses art tools such as pencils, paper and drawing software to form 2D and 3D images, which can be used to attract customers.

The operations of an art studio are governed by an art director. Video game art involves 2D and 3D oriented designing both of which have different disciplines involved.

Game Art Studio – 2D Game Development Studio Artists

2D game art studio artists are responsible for designing the background components in a game, i.e. the environment. 2D artists are the ones responsible for the visualization of a game. These artists can use drawings, molds or 2D software such as Photoshop to convey their ideas to the art director. Other 2D artists concentrate in making of sprites. Sprites are the animated characters of a game which are basically several frames of images. The other role of a 2D artist is to create the textures and skins of a game. 2D artists also design the maps and terrain images of a game. Other 2D game artists work with the game programmers to come up with game interfaces and game menus, which are appealing to customers.

Game Art Studio – 3D Game Development Studio Artists

3D game art studio artists use the computer graphic software to create 3D meshes for characters and objects. These artists are the ones that produce the life like characters in a game. 3D artists work hand in hand with animation artists to produce convincing animations, which look real. 3D artists can also work on the environment to produce certain terrain shapes and landscape features. 3D artists are also involved in producing cinematic for the game.

A game art studio can also outsource some of its game art to other game art companies. Outsourcing in game art helps combine the different talent from all over the nation to produce only the best game images and graphics that are guaranteed to hit the market by storm. Outsourcing also helps game studios meet their targets to release a game quick. Outsourcing makes it cheaper as game studios don’t have to have all types of artists working permanently thus they save lots of money from having to maintain salaries for a large workforce. On the other hand, through outsourcing they only pay for the work done, and when there is no current game project, there won’t be any expenditure at all.

A game art studio can outsource its work as a way of getting in touch with modern technology. There are certain instances when other game studios introduce technology which other game developers don’t have. The best way to go about it is not to waste time trying to get game developers who are skilled in such a field. It is better to let developers be in that field to work on such projects. This will save lots of time while ensuring you keep abreast with constantly changing gaming technology.

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