Texture And UV Map

Texture Map and UV map

Zatun helps you get the highest quality texture map and UV map that enhance the visual appeal of any video game. If 3D modeling is the base of a character or prop, then texture adds that finishing touch that makes the character to alive. As in any product development, the final touch is extremely important, the characters and settings of your video game need to be polished to grab the attention of the gamer.

Zatun’s texture mapping techniques help you create a world of make belief with an edge.

Zatun provides game texture for:

  • iPhone Games
  • iPad Games
  • Android Games
  • Android Tablet Games
  • Facebook Games
  • PC Games/Mac Games
  • XBox 360 Games
  • PlayStation 3 Games
  • PS2 Games/PSP Games
  • Nintendo Wii Games
  • Nintendo 3Ds/Dsi Games
  • SmartPhone /Mobile games
  • Casual Games/Online Games

Texture map resolutions for all sizes:

Be it 32 X 32, 64 X 64, 128 X 128, 256 X 256, 512 X 512, 1024 X 1024, 2048 X 2048 or 4096 X 4096 or even higher, we can get it done for you.

Custom Game Texture:

Zatun offers texture solutions for your 3D Models like Diffuse Maps, Bump Maps, Normal Maps, Height Maps, Secular Maps,
Displacement Maps, Occlusion maps, Light Maps, Emissive Maps, Texture Baking and Color Mapping.

Looking for Texture artist or 2D/3D Artist?

Zatun offers you an option to hire texture artist or 2D/3D artist either per day/per hour or per month depending upon the requirements of your project.


Why Texture Map and UV Map?

If modeling is all about creativity then textures and UV map actually are the minutest observations of the world represented in a video game. Zatun understands that along with the game play, character building, 3D modeling, textures and UV map play an important role to make a successful video game.

Zatun’s talented team of 3D artists pride themselves of having an eye for detail, to break a scene into objects and to materials so that they can create images that stand out. Zatun understands that it’s not just the tools that matter, but the observation and the skills of a 3D artist to use the right texture map that breathe life into an image.

Our 3D Artists can create stunning hi resolution or low resolution game textures from digital images as well as create hand painted game textures.

Zatun’s Professional Game Textures – Perfect for Any Game Development Project

With its years of expertise in the video game development industry, Zatun realizes that there is a potential need for texture map and UV map to make successful video game. This is why it offers focused texture mapping and UV map services to meet the client’s needs for specific requirements.

Zatun can provide you with high quality and high resolution game textures including wall texture, skin texture, concrete texture, brick texture, face texture, water texture our table texture; our texture mapping skills can simply enhance the look and feel of any game. Our texture mapping techniques help us utilize the available space in the texture map and maintain uniform UV space.

We can also help in covering up any flaws present in the 3D models that you have and provide you perfected images that speak for themselves.

When it comes to providing stunning and professional quality game texture map, Zatun leaves no stones unturned. If you are looking at outsourcing your texture work, look no further than Zatun. Contact us today to see how we can assist you.

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