Rigging For Games

Zatun understands that the rigging requirements for video game animation are a lot different from that of Film or TV animation. Rigging is the most important step prior to commencing animation. We offer custom rigging solutions for your video game development needs.

Be it creating a rig for your hero character or rigs for your quadruped 3D model or a complex rig for the Big Bad Boss, we can create custom rigs that suit your 3D model and 3D animation needs.

We offer character rigs and rigging in 3ds max.Our rigging artists try to understand your 3D animation needs and only then continue ahead with the rigging. Along with rigging, they also weight the 3D models perfectly which in addition help your animators while creating their animation.

We understand the the different rigging techniques and our animators can rig your characters using Physique or Skin modifier. The rigs are engine ready and are checked to make sure there is no crashing and the mesh deforms in the correct manner.

If you are looking to outsource your rigging work for your next game development project, please do do not hesitate to contact us.

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