Concept Art

Concept Art – Transforming Vision into Reality!

Zatun prides itself of providing the most creative and best quality concept art, concept design and character design for your video game projects. Concept art is the first step towards a video game development project. If creativity and game-play top the list in a video game design, than developing the concept art and concept design are equally important. This is because the video game concept art is the visual depiction of the story and characters and it helps create the first impression on any gamer.

At Zatun, we understand the importance of video game art concept designs  and character design for a video game development project; this is why we do it with an unsurpassed passion and excellence.

Game Concept Art – Genesis of a Video Game

Zatun understands that video game concept art is no doubt the genesis of any video game project. It is not just about drawing concept sketches or concept drawings, but about fueling player’s imagination and creating a whole new world by placing specific characters, character design, assets, environments, functions, levels and providing appropriate art work for each one of them.

Our skilled game concept artist and illustrators blend talent with a passion to excel. Right from hand sketched concept drawings and concept sketches to digital illustrations; from line drawings to full color concepts; from storyboards to game design mockups we provide effective original designs that can help you make an impact on your audience.

Whether you are looking for a digital concept design or character design for war concept art or a fantasy concept art or a creature, city, weapon, monster, alien, dark ages, space, Disney or vehicles, we can create your dream digital concept.

Character Design Concept Art

The characters are as important to a video game as actors to a film. Zatun specializes in providing a personal touch to the concept art character design by working closely with the client to develop fun to see characters that have an individual appeal. We make gamer interaction easy by providing the right persona to the character concept art.

Environment Concept Art

The character needs to live in a virtual world, which is equally important. This is the reason, we providing unique yet synchronized environment concept art for your game.

Making it realistic and more alive, we create a world of make-believe for the gamers.

Level Concept Art

Level Design is one of the core areas of your games and it begins with the level concept art .

At Zatun, we make sure your level concept art are stunning and add the much-needed game play element to your game.



Concept Design – Our Game Concept Artist and Illustrators

If character concept art, character design and concept design are important for your video game project, trust Zatun with its creative design. If you are able to get the digital concept that are completely out of the box and have a universal appeal, then you can be assured of developing a successful game. Zatun has been into the game art concept design with a list of successful games in the past.

If you want to take a sneak peak at how our game concept artists and illustrators can help your video game project, then contact us today!

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