Developers in India

Developers in India Face Challenges Upfront

Developers in India are qualified professionals engaged in tasks of developing programs, websites, and games. This is a very broad classification and covers a sizeable work force in the tertiary sector of the Indian economy. Information technology as a manufacturing and services sector occupies a dominant place in the economy of  India with an earning of US $64 billion as in 2008. This includes hardware sales and services, software products and services, ITES (information technology enabled services), and BPO (business process outsourcing). Among the developers in India, game development is a growing segment with companies catering to both domestic and international clients. Zatun is an Indian company specializing in developing games for internet enabled devices.

Games development is an interesting activity that involves technology and ingenuity in similar measures. Computer games has evolved drastically over the last few years with its scope extending from simple two-dimensional games to advanced 3D versions with music, alluring backgrounds and remarkable characterizations. Game development is no longer restricted to small setups but is an expansive occupation with artists, developers, and designers.

Challenge for Developers in India

Developers in India are now faced with greater challenges as they have to meet the increasing demands of clients. This is particularly true for game developers. In addition to offline games they need to create online games for avid players of all ages. Computer games, whether online or offline, have a universal appeal as regards age, gender and community. True test for game developers in India come when they need to create riveting and entertaining games regularly. Only the best available human and technological resources could be utilized for creating something novel on a continuous basis.

Opportunities Knock

Developers in India now have increased opportunities in ways of territorial and media coverage. Games media is no longer limited to computer desktops but also cover laptops, tablets, and mobile handsets. With increased opportunities, the challenge for developers has also multiplied. As internet devices differ in size and technology it is necessary to create online games in different formats. Methodologies of creating a game suitable for a desktop could be significantly different from those of a cellular device. Even when designing games for cellular devices separate processes are used for iPhones and Android handsets.

Entire World is a Playing Field

An encouraging note for developers in India is that this country is a major outsource destination for BPO and ITO (information technology outsourcing) tasks.Indiabeing a nation rich in both technical and human resources is among the most favoured nations for outsourcing jobs. In addition to ITO jobs like web designing and management, data backup and management, IT support services, these outsourcing companies also offer game development services. Dedicated developers in India, if required, work round the clock to cater to customers’ needs.

Indian developers such as Zatun with the assistance of artists on the one hand and designers on the other create marvels in online games. These gripping games are ensembles of brilliant characterizations, fascinating backdrops and enthralling music. They are just not games but audio-visual experiences.

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