Android Apps

Android Apps Rising to Power

Development of Android Apps is a lucrative business today. This exceptional gaming platform is rapidly reaching the popularity of iPhone offering multitasking facility and uninterrupted support to interactive mobile games. Zatun is the prominent name in developing Android Game Apps.

Methodology to Develop Android Apps

A well-defined Android App programming ensures quality technology and price. An Android Apps creator should take extra care of all these three essentials to develop Apps for Android. Methodology in developing Android Apps includes the following:

  • Analyzing game’s requirement is imperative
  • Extra care should be taken of the story and plot of the game
  • Create effective game characters and icons
  • Game environment works as a catalyst
  • Choose appropriate animation
  • Proceed logically with graphics and animation
  • Create options of gaming levels
  • Make your application bug free
  • Give it a trial
  • Proceed to ultimate deployment

Before You Take a Leap

Google Apps development is creating new milestones with extremely professional companies emerging in the field of Android game development. A quality conscious App creator leaves no plan left to deliver world-class google apps. Even Indian market is recognizing the value of a skilled App developer. Apps should be developed considering some basic needs:

  1. Your Android Apps must appear interactive and entertaining to the user
  2. Quality is not the only consideration. Price should be affordable too
  3. Follow agile methodology of development. This is undoubtedly an indicative of a developer’s involvement in developing his android Apps
  4. Your intelligence should be evident in the process of Game App programming

Year 2011 witnessed a huge success in the world of Google Android App development. Google is introducing new themes and designs every day to meet irrepressible expectations of their existing and new users. Users always demand unique tools. And Google has ultimately succeeded in bringing in a ‘look and feel’ application in their game development. Therefore every moment is a challenge to an Android App creator. To cater to the needs of the modern users they are running behind achieving expertise in developing Android Apps. In 2012 the existing market of Android is sure to flourish with the introduction of path breaking technologies in Google Android development. With the introduction of over 0.4 million estimated Android Apps, Google is capturing the market rapidly. However the credit goes to the outstanding team of Google Android App creator.

Zatun’s 2D game art outsourcing services cover character design, concept art and design, illustrations, vector art, pixel art, isometric art, 2D avatars, 2D game graphics, 2D game background, 2D game assets, 2D animation and flash animation. In 3D art games their expertise depends on 3D modeling, 3D modeling animation, 3D avatars, 3D game characters, 3D environment modeling, normal mapping, 3D rigging, and isometric 3D art and so on. Their development process of Android Game Apps is followed with professional approach and incredible values.

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