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3D Outsourcing Art Studio

With the 3d outsourcing of the game and mobile apps development becoming the norm rather than the exception, almost every game developer who has a little knowledge on developing games dreams of starting a game development studio.

Idyllically, the first question that such a developer asks themselves is how much it would cost to start a fully equipped 3D game studio- 3D art studio because if you are going to be outsourcing your services, 3D outsourcing is what really sells.

Video Game 3D Outsourcing

In the United States, the cost of starting such a video game studio would run to $618,000. This will include money spent on federal withholding, state tax, insurance, and social security. The ballpark figure of $618,000 also includes yearly salaries for 8 developers that you will need to hire, office rent and 8 workstations.

You will also need to invest in 3D and 2D development software. For 3D outsourcing, the better option will be to buy Maya while Photoshop will suffice for the 2D artwork.

Of course, the amount you need to start a 3D outsourcing studio will vary depending on where you intend to start your game development 3d art studio and how many workstations you will want to start with.

However, 8 workstations are the norm in many studios. Ideally, you will need to hire one front-end developer, one back-end developer, one software engineer, one 2D/3D graphic design artist, a team leader, QA engineer and one system administrator.

You can cut costs on the team, but that would mean that you take longer to finish client projects and you may need to outsource the graphic part of the games to a 3D art studio. It may also mean that you compromise the quality of some areas where you do not have adequate expertise.

Many game experts believe that the best way to keep costs down while running a 3D game studio is to have an in-house team. The in-house team handles most of the core functions including creating 2D and 3D outsourcing artwork, handling client briefs and manages the feedback from clients.

Other functions that do not core to the development can be outsourced cheaply. These functions include marketing and promotion of the company. 3D Outsourcing some functions of your video game studio to a remote team can save up to 60% of your yearly costs. Using remote teams lets you scale up your operations to a level where you can build a big brand name for your 3D game studio.

Is it Worthwhile to Start a Video Game Development Studio?

Bearing the above ballpark figure in mind, the next question that many indie game developers should ask themselves is whether it is really worthwhile to start a video game studio. Are there returns to be made? Are the returns fast enough?

While starting a 3D game studio can be tasking and time consuming, there is money to be made in 3D video development. The first few months will, of course, be difficult to break even but if you are patient and persistent, you will finally reap the profits and fruits of your hard labour.

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