3D Game Models

3D Game Models

Your video game, computer games, mobile game, a console game & VR games is only as good as the 3d game models in the game. If a model looks real and appeals to the game, gamers like to play with it. On the other hand, if it looks too artificial they prefer to take their business elsewhere.

Hence, creating 3d models via 3d Modeling software’s for games is an important art. Considerable time and effort have to be spent on designing the right model, giving it the capabilities to get animated and actually preparing the 3d game models and 3d game assets. These also give the visualized feel to the developers and artists giving them new ideas.

Different Ways To Create 3D Game Models

Preparing 3d game models can be done in many ways. 3D Modeling is used for various type of models in different software.

Creating Low poly 3D Models

Low poly 3d models are those which are created with the least number of polygons in them. This makes it easy for the games to render them, giving the best possible performance. Compared to a 3D animation movie, these Low poly 3d models, 3d Maya models may be of lesser detail, but they can match the 3d movie models in terms of quality by normal mapping and detailed texture. As they provide the desired effects for a game, most developers create these as their first low-poly VR 3d models for games.

Generally, polygons used inside Low poly 3d models can contain any number of sides. But they are typically split into three-sided shapes (triangles) so that the model can be presented well and moved by an animator. There are a number of software tools like 3ds Max, Maya available in the market that can help designing Low poly 3d models for 3d characters and 3d character models.

Creating Unity 3D Models

Another widely used technique for creating 3d game models is called Unity 3d models. This is done by a series of tools which are part of the Unity ecosystem. These tools are developed by United Technologies group. They make the process of game development easy and intuitive. As Unity 3d game engine is the most widely used one for iOS games, there is an increasing demand for Unity 3d models.

Unity 3d models and Unity 3d Assets are of top quality, providing wonderful flexibility to the developers. They can build once and deploy the same model in a number of places within the same game, or across games. In addition, Unity 3d models can also be part of workflow which can assemble the scenes in a fast and effective manner.

Another big benefit of creating Unity 3d Assets via Unity 3d models, the tools are available even on a subscription model. Hence, any game developer can get started with a very low investment, making it ideal for individual game developers and companies who want to keep a limit on their investments, until they move to a full-fledged investment for hardware, software to have Unity 3d models capability on their computers.

Creating 3D Max Models

Third popular technique for creating 3d game models is called 3d Max models. These are made from the popular Autodesk set of tools. They provide a detailed set of programs to create 3d max models from the scratch, which are of the very good quality to be used in games played on any screen.

3D max models are preferred by many game developers because it removes their dependency on the manual way of designing characters. Many things can be automated in these tools so that some simple inputs and lots of creativity can create really great 3d game models. Be it 3d character models, 3d characters or 3d game assets; 3d Max models are the main source of all major models out there in any game.

Creating 3D Maya Models

Another horse from the Autodesk Suite is Maya and used for Maya modeling and creating 3d Maya models. 3D Maya Models have the added benefit of normal mapping and baking which is a lot better in Maya than Max and a lot of 3d companies use at least one if not both of this 2 software for all their game development needs. Maya Modeling is a lot different as compared to creating 3d Max models but the technique and the logic are the same.

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