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3D Characters -The Smart Guide to Outsourcing Your Game Assets

Anyone who has developed a game knows that 3D characters and 3D modeling are the most painstaking aspects of the process. At the same time- vivid, dynamic and immersive environments made from game 3D models along with great 3d characters are an important hook to keep the players engaged. As technology and competition increase, gamers yearn for complexity in both game plays as well as game art. The amounts of the required in-game 3D models and assets vary with the kind of game you want. While some require both 3D as well as 2D elements, others rely almost completely on 3D for characters, environments, movement as well as other in-game 3D models and assets. 1st person shooting games, for example, would require an extensive amount of 3d modeling.

3D Character Models – Outsourcing v/s In-house

3D characters modeling can be done both in-house, or developers can hire a 3D artist to do the same. As with all outsourcing, there are pros and cons for both, the decision should be made keeping your specific needs in mind. Using 3d is almost the norm and not the exception anymore. Unless your game requires very few and basic game 3d models, it is a good idea to outsource these assets. This kind of artwork is new and complex, and requires specialized and expensive equipment, software and artists. The decision to hire a 3d artist can save you time and money for best 3d characters. Even the biggest gaming labels like Sony, are now outsourcing their game assets offshore. It does feel a little scary to not have the artwork being developed right under your nose, but new communication methods address this problem to a great extent. Chose a vendor, who is willing to communicate and send updates as often as you require.

3D Modeling – Where to find 3d Artists for Hire

Once you’ve decided to maintain your artwork team virtually, you need to find some 3d artists online. There are a lot of ways to do this. You could post your requirements on freelance sites like or They allow you to post details about your project to invite bids from freelancers. On the other hand, if you need a complete team and expert help, you could search for 3d companies like online and go through their website, which allows you to request for a proposal. Although freelancers can be more cost-effective, accountability and professionalism can often be a problem leading to unforeseen delays. Companies that have established the clientele, a great 3d characters portfolio and solid credentials are a better choice if quality and deadlines are important to you. If you’re interested in 3d character modeling, we recommend Zatun for preparing 3d game models in many ways for example low poly 3d models for mobile games and Xbox, ps2 and high-resolution high poly 3d models for PS4, Xbox one and premium iPad games.

3D Character Modeling – Preparation is Key when Outsourcing 3D Characters

Before you invite 3D characters proposals, you must know what you need. Remember, 3d modelling artists are not minded readers. If you are not clear and specific about the unity3d assets, 3d max models, 3d Maya models, unity 3d models and 3d character models you need, chances are you might be disappointed with the end result. Making changes at this point can extend the budget and deadline significantly. Here are some of the things you need to decide and communicate to potential vendors for 3d modeling in games before they make their bids.

  • Decide a budget and deadline: Make sure you convey this before inviting proposals, to avoid overpriced bids and lower quality 3d artists.
  • Set milestones: This is very important. This way you can ensure that the project proceeds smoothly towards the final deadline. Setting milestones like first sketches by this date; final drafts on another date; and backgrounds on the final date will help you track the project progress and feel on top of things.
  • Prepare and attach the Art Assets Work List to your job posting. This will ensure that the artists applying for the project understand the exact work involved and price their bids accordingly. This can include:
    • The artwork style you want for 3d character models: cartoonish, simulation, pre-rendered, etc.
    • The kind of gaming environment you need: Futuristic, Medieval, jungle, city, etc. If you require multiple environments, make sure you convey that.
    • The model format for 3d character modeling: 3d max models, 3d Maya models, unity 3d models, ZBrush models
    • Make a list of all the game 3d models you need. Don’t leave anything, quantify each item and write specific descriptions. Creating a table makes the job easy. Mention the name, description, dimension and quantity of each asset required. If you require an asset to be animated, specify it and the kind of animation or number of frames you want.

Video games are achieving an art like status in the world today. In such a scenario outsourcing you game art or 3d modeling is more like collaborating with fellow artists to create games that engage and captivate the players. With a little preparation and lots of clear communication, you can easily hire a 3d artist or an offshore team of expert 3d modelers to save both time and money.

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